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No description

Emily Quach

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Family

Winnie, Pearl, Wen Fu, Auntie Du, Helen
Bad Family Relationships
Kitchen God's Wife
Winnie Louie
“You went to the furthest verge of daring, but there you found the high foundation of justice, and fell. Perhaps you are paying your father’s pain”
-Chorus (30 lines 5-8).

Family (NOT meant to be)
Winnie's Relationships
Family: A CURSE

By Angela Chen, Claire Sung,
Victoria Tovmasyan, Emily Quach
Period 5

Pre-determined Family Conflict
Kitchen God's Wife:
Winnie was born
into a family
with unresolved problems
Oedipus' actions (marrying his
mother) negatively influenced Antigone's life and decisions
By integrating religious and diverse cultural undertones, Amy Tan, author of "Kitchen God's Wife", and Sophocles, author of "Antigone", emphasize their purpose to depict complicated family relationships as a curse.
Antigone, Creon, Ismene

Winnie has to help Peanut and Wen with their relationship
“So I helped Peanut and Wen Fu: carried their love letters back and forth, she wasn’t considering what a big risk I took to help her...she could have cost me my future.” (130-134).

“But let me and my own ill-counseling suffer this terror.” (page 5 line 10-11)
"She's her father's child. She cannot yield to trouble; nor could he." (page 16 line 18-19)
Abusive Relationships
Morality versus pride
Antigone & Creon
In both stories, Antigone and Winnie understand and experience the burdens of being a part of a family
"So that was the kind of family I had. What advice could they give me? If I had not lost my mother so young, I would not have listened to Old Aunt. And maybe I would have married that boy Lin when I was young. Maybe I would have learned to love him after we married. And maybe we would have difficulties in life, just like everyone, but not the kind that would make me hate myself and think that my own heart was my worst enemy" (Tan 65).
Our families did not choose us, and we did not choose our family.
Abuse of Authority in Families
Antigone's Downfall
Kitchen God's Wife:
Kitchen God's Wife: misogyny, higher authority looks upon lower authority, restriction of freedom, abuse
Antigone: purity curtained by narrow-mindedness, adamant personalities harm others
Winnie & Wen Fu
"No, I am not ashamed. When was it shame to serve the children of my mother's womb?"
Antigone (17)
" ... No woman rules me while I live."
Creon (18)
Antigone's view of the world is crushed by Creon
His obstinacy gives her no ability to prove or fight for her morals
Creon's adamant personality and inability to adapt to change proves him as incompetent
While the word 'family' is usually mentioned in a positive manner, it isn't so in "Kitchen God's Wife" and "Antigone". Not only is family a burden for the characters, it also proves to be
the source
of many
"When I want to divorce you, I will tell you. You don't tell me what to do."
Wen Fu (279)
Wen Fu treats Winnie like an object
Restricts her freedom
If she attempts to get her way, he resorts to abuse
His attitude limits Winnie, and if she tries to leave him, he reassures her that he has her on a leash
Left her into the care of his brother's family
marries her off knowing that Wen Fu's family has a bad reputation
Winnie & Father
Antigone & Ismene
"And if now you wished to act, you wouldn't please me as a partner."
"If but you can..."
"I shall hate you first, and next the dead will hate you in all justice."
"Go, since you want to. But know this, you go senseless indeed..."

Police Brutality
One perspective is dictated by...
extreme fear/terror
inability to freely express opinions
hopelessness and helplessness
These feelings tend to influence...
Winnie & Helen
“I watch them continue to argue, although perhaps it is not arguing. They are remembering together, dreaming together.
Winnie & Pearl
"...apparently there's a lot that I don't know about my mother..."
"everything feels like a sham...All these meaningless gestures, old misunderstandings, and painful secrets, why do we keep them up?"
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