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"Perfect" by Sara Shepard Book Talk- Visual Aid

By: Lauren Bouhall


on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of "Perfect" by Sara Shepard Book Talk- Visual Aid

By: Lauren Bouhall "Perfect"- Sara Shepard Theme "Perfect"- Sara Shepard Main Characters Emily Conflict The conflict in "Perfect" is a mysterious character who addresses themselves as 'A' is sending messages to the main characters. 'A' is threatening to do something to the characters if they don't do what 'A' says. They don't know who 'A' is and they want to tell the police, but they are afraid of two things: a.) the police will think they are crazy and b.) 'A' will make their life more unpleasant. 'A' told them specifically to not tell anyone about 'A' and 'A' follows through with what 'A' says. I believe the theme of this story is never try to make yourself 'approved' by the 'popular' people. You approving yourself is the only thing that matters. I believe this because Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer are all trying to get in the 'in' group which Ali is already in so they tell Ali their biggest secrets and they do whatever Ali wants them to do. When Ali dies they find out either a.) Ali told someone all of their secrets b.) someone is stalking them or c.) 'A' is Ali and she is telling and threatening to tell their biggest secrets.
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