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Ch. 6 Lesson 2: Rancho Life

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Elizabeth Rossi

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Ch. 6 Lesson 2: Rancho Life

Ch. 6 Lesson 2: Rancho Life
Rancho Customs
Who lived on a rancho?
- The ranchero, his wife, their children & other relatives, and workers
About how many people were needed to run a rancho?
- Almost 100 people
Because ranchos were far apart, how did rancheros/rancheras treat their guests?
- rewarded their guest by treating them well, with a fiesta

At Work on the Rancho
What was education like for children on the rancho?
- No school. Some teachers traveled to ranchos. Others learned from their parents
What did girls and boys do on a rancho?
- Girls helped their mothers cook, garden, and sew
- Boys worked with their dads, who were vqueros/cowhands
Who did most of the hard work on ranchos?
- Native Americans
What kind of work did the Native Americans do on a rancho?
- Some became vaqueros, others farmed, cared for animals, cooked, and cleaned.
How were they paid?
- received clothes, food, & a place to live (few rights)
What did vaqueros do in a roundup?
- They gathered the cattle once a year. Vaqueros branded and counted the herd.
Why did Californios raise cattle?
-To show off their riding & roping skills, and to kill them for meat
How were hides used?
- they were cleaned, stretched, and put to dry= leather
How was tallow used?
- cattle fat that was scraped off hide and turned into soap and candles
Trading Ships
What kind of goods did the American trading ships bring to California?
- food like tea, sugar, and spices. Items: dishes, furniture, toys and clothes
Who wrote about his experiences on a trading ship from Boston to CA?
- Richard Henry Dana
fiesta: a party
vaquero: cowboys, or cowhands
rodeo: a roundup of cattle
hides: animal skin
tallow: cattle fat that was scraped off the hides
exports: something sold or traded to another country
imports: something brought in from another country for sale or use
California banknotes: (money) cattle hides sold were called this
Special Celebrations
What were some the reasons ranchos had fiestas?
-to celebrate weddings, religious holidays, or any occasion
What were some of the things that happened at a fiesta?
- everyone dresses in colorful clothing, even the horses with saddles trimmed in silver.
-a horseback riding contest, singing and dancing
Cielito Lindo
Native American Vaqueros
The Hide & Tallow Trade
Why was California getting rich?
- trading with the United States
What were Californio's main exports?
- Hides & tallow
What did Californios use instead of money?
- California banknotes (cattle hide)
Why did Californios need to import some of their goods?
- Because ranchos did not make many things people needed
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