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Mitchells learning 2011

What does a good learner look like??? MITCHELL HORNE

mitchell horne

on 17 June 2011

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Transcript of Mitchells learning 2011

what does a good learner look like???

Learning 2011 what I knew what I learnt / what I now know I already know what my streghts and weaknessess are.
that learning = Change
learning is really important learning will always make you change ( learning = change )
key comps is a part of learning
asking questions
inderpendent worker
who is the best learner ( my opinion )
I really need to work hard so I can achive this task what is learning Learning is all about ...

socail interactions ( relating to others ) ( not just accedimics )
your attidude
using keycomps
changing the way you think
your behavouir
asking deeper questions ( blooms taxomonay ) learning is everything

learning relates to everything learning is not just about test results its about ...???
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