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Current Electricity

No description

Rabeena Haniff

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Current Electricity

Current Electricity What is a Conductor? What is an Insulator? Is it an insulator
or conductor? Insulators are materials that resist the flow of electricity, so electricity does not easily pass through Insulator? The Flow of Electrons Examples:
Gold Examples:
Paper A little refresher.. What makes a conductor? What makes a conductor? Let's remind ourselves how a electron travels around a nucleus of an atom BUT some atoms have an excess of electrons that are not strongly attracted to the nucleus... they are called FREE electrons Inside a conductor FREE electrons can jump from one atom to another Electrons orbit the nucleus of their atom Electrons are attracted to the nucleus because of the positively charged protons When free electrons jump from atom to atom, the direction they jump in creates current flow (electricity). Conductors are made up of these atoms that have FREE electrons Current flows through conductors because their atoms contains free electrons What good is an insulator if it cannot conduct electricity? Protect electrical circuit from coming in contact with another conductor that could damage the circuit Protects objects, people, and animals from coming in contact with electrical current A conductor is material that electricity can easily pass through and does not resist the flow of electrons Conductors All of this happens inside of a conductor The easier the free electrons can jump the better the conductor The more electrons that jump the higher the current flow Not all materials are conductors, some materials have atoms that do not release electrons easily No free electrons means no current flow No current flow means no electricity through an insulators Insulators No free electrons! In insulators, electrons are held close to the nucleus in orbit and cannot break free easily Gives us the ability to hold conductors safely without electrical shock Current Electricity: Electrons constantly moving in one direction Static Electricity: Electrons build up in one place (charged) Conductor: Allows electricity to flow through it Insulator: Does not allow electricity to flow through it Recap Do Now Complete handout:
Insulators and Conductors Take 5 minutes Conductor? OR What if the pencil had an eraser at the top?
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