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Nike Sweatshop U.S. History

Project about Nike and their sweatshops

Donnell Middleton

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Nike Sweatshop U.S. History

Nike Fixing The Problem Nike quickly heard about the problem with anti-sweatshop and anti-globalization groups. When Nike heard of the problem, they sent workers to survey and examine to see the condition that there factory workers were coming to each day.

Nike put in a new code of conduct for its workers and limiting the amount of hours an employee can receive or earn each day. Nike Sweatshops Nike Inc. was founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman in 1964 when it was called "Blue Ribbon Sports" but changed to "Nike Inc" in 1978

The first Nike shoe was made in a closet of a dorm by Phil Knight, and, the first shoe was sold in a back of a pickup truck. Nike Inc Beginnings Nike Pays Their Employees Many different talk with factory employees talk about their pay. Most workers were only getting $3-5 dollars a day.

Surprising, Nike managers of some factories employees were being intimated by their countrys military to read and sign the rights over to their overtime pay, and their minimum wage to be voided "taken away" Other Companies of Nike Inc. Nike owns other different companies that also used some of the same sweatshops. Nike owns Nike Golf, Hurley International LLC, Cole Haan, Converse Inc, and Umbro Ltd. Donnell D. Middleton NIKE SWEATSHOPS Nike sweatshops became popular by an...
activist group that exposed the horrible
conditions or Nike factory workers "payed slaves" work. How many NIKE Employees are their Total Nike Employees: 22,658
USA: 12,419
ASIA: 3,386
AMERICANS 1,833 Number of Nike Factories They're 736 Nike factories around the country
ASIA: 401
USA: 232
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