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Form and Function

No description

Amy Longden

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Form and Function

1) Choose one of the following: A closet,
A green bin, an outdoor learning space.
How can these be improved using universal
design? Draw a sketch and explain.
2) Find a symmetrical and asymmetrical
structure. Evaluate both in terms of aesthetics
and stability.
3) Evaluate a school desk or computer station.
What recommendations would you make to
improve the station.

Activities to Try
-The shape of an object helps us identify it
-Symmetry is seen in nature and is considered to be aesthetically pleasing
-Symmetry - an exact reflection on opposite sides of a line
dividing an object in half
-Line of Symmetry- A line that divides an object in half
-Aesthetics- the concept of how visually attractive something
Universal Design
An arrangement of the components of a structure
resulting in the most user friendly product
Not only is symmetry attractive, it also can make structures more stable since load is distributed evenly
The science of using knowledge of human characteristics
to design structures and systems that are comfortable, safe
and efficient

Small changes can make a big difference in ergonomics
The form of a structure is dependent on its function
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