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Papa Bush

No description

Hitesha Rana

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Papa Bush

George H. W. Bush Milton, Massachusetts June 12, 1924 41st President of the United States Washington D.C 43rd VP under Ronald Reagan Invasion Of Panama In office from January 20 1989-1993 In office from January 20 1981-1989 Panama *Dec. 20, 1989: 12,000 US
troops sent to invade
Panama Soviet Union Gulf War Iraq Kuwait Saudi Arabia Coalition Corruption was widespread under his rule
Anyone who opposes him will be crushed ~The US invaded Panama in fear of losing strategic military bases and control of the canal 23 US troops dead
325 wounded
500 civilians killed Bush's most important foreign policy challenge in the Persian Gulf Tensions continued to ease as communist rule in most of the former Soviet republics ended by the early nineteen nineties.
Fifteen republics had belonged to the Soviet Union.
By end of 1991, most declared their independence & formed the Commonwealth of Independent States http://www.polleverywhere.com/multiple_choice_polls/cTOyIim8SMSwVpe Americans with Disabilities Act Forbade discrimination based on disability in employment, public accommodations, and transportation.
President Bush saw the bill as giving people with disabilities more independence.
The ADA made it possible for disabled people to be less dependent on the government by giving them the chance to hold jobs and leave welfare rolls.
Signed on July 26, 1990
Bush's major domestic accomplishments Clean Air Act -arrested dictator Manuel Noriega *surrendered on Jan. 3, 1990
*convicted of drug trafficking
*40 yrs in jail Operation Nifty Package
-sank his boat & destroyed his jet
-$1 million reward Latin America supplied US with illegal drugs Before operation:
1) protects lives of US citizens in Panama
2) defend democracy
3) combating drug trafficking
4) protect the terms of the Torrijos-Carter Treaties Panama guaranteed control of Panama Canal after 1999 *Aug. 2, 1990 150,000 Iraqi troops overran Kuwaiti forces *more massive oil reserves
*US didn't want Hussein to control US
Kuwait Argentina
South Korea
Norway "Operation Desert Storm" (Jan. 16, 1991) late fall: 700,000 troop in Saudi Arabia

Japan agreed to help pay the cost of operation -500,000 American forces Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait claiming it was part of Iraq
& for rich oil
invade Saudi Arabia Feb. 23 *over matched
*Iraqi troops surrendered
*set fire to oil rigs South Africa -controlled by white
*maintained segregation prison since 1962 leader in 1994 -US firms withdrew investments China *Spring 1989
*pro-democracy protest
*Tiananmen Square ~US hoped protests would
end communism in China -Military used tanks killing hundreds of protesters economically & diplomatically engaged -Bush hated violent crack down
-no response
-didn't want to ruin U.S.-Sino relations by overreacting ~suspended arm sales -Scowcroft & Eagleburger sent to China
-repair relationship f r a g i l e "Operation Restore Hope" (Dec. 3, 1992-May 4, 1993) *Bush admin. acted more swiftly to protect human rights
-(Dec. 9) US Marines sent to help deliver food to hundreds of starving people
-continued into the Clinton administration Somalia Mogadishu 1990 1991 1991 1992 1990 Pop Culture -500,000 Somalis dead from famine
-Clan violence in Somalia interfered with international famine relief efforts -United Nations Operation in Somalia I (UNOSOM I) helped secure human rights
-Bush chose not to send troops
-another Vietnam War -(UNOSOM I) FAILED!! *July 10, 1991: US began to lift sanctions
>pushing towards democracy & the abolishing segregation -(1986): US joined the international community in 1986 United States Comprehensive Anti-apartheid Act (USCAA) imposing economic sanctions(approvals) *Bush declared South Africa's progress toward democracy "irreversible" Berlin 1989 -Bush met with Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev on the island of Malta
-no agreements signed
-"I assured the President of the United States that the Soviet Union would never start a hot war against the United States of America. And we would like our relations to develop in such a way that they would open greater possibilities for cooperation.... This is just the beginning. We are just at the very beginning of our road, long road to a long-lasting, peaceful period." -Gorbachev trade relations -drought and conflict had caused widespread suffering in Somalia Moscow -July 1991: START I signed by Bush & Gorbachev -called for both sides to reduce numbers of long-range nuclear weapons
-promised to cut the number by 1/3 over 7 years
*Bush & Gorbachev declared a US-Russian strategic partnership
*Dec. 25, 1991: Gorbachev resigned
*USSR came to an end
The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990
reducing urban smog
curbing acid rain
eliminating industrial emissions of toxic chemicals.
Signed on November 15, 1990
President Bush was deeply committed to the fact that the economy and the American people could both benefit. Federal Budget 1989: Federal budget stood at $2.8 trillion
limited the President's ability to enact major domestic programs.
"A Limited Agenda": volunteerism, education reform, and anti-drug efforts
1991: Fiscal year
"no new taxes"
Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act: included measures to reduce deficit by cutting government spending and raising taxes.
Collapse of Savings and Loans industry Grunge Look: Preppy Look: flannel
acid wash denim jackets
wool sweaters
black leather jackets
sheepskin coats
polo shirts
drainpipe jeans
Converse All Stars
Trapper hats
canvas boat shoes
navy blue blazers
neon colors
oversized sweaters
t shirts
baby doll dresses
colored tights
drainpipe jeans
bike shorts
court shoes
cowboy boots
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