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A prezi of Madagascar

Marlow Hubbard

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Madagascar

By Marlow Hubbard Madagascar's Capital: Antananarivo The Ariary is Madagascar's currency--
they have bills and coins Madagascar exports many things Ylang-Ylang Shrimp Cloves Sapphires Vanilla Lychees Lake Mantasoa Former Queen Ranavalona's palace
lies at the bottom of it Famous Monument Moraingy Popular Sports Zebu Catlle Wrestling Rugby Madagascar is known for: Lemurs! Famous Peoples of Madagascar Claude Simon Won the Nobel Peace Prize
in 1965 for the famous novels
he wrote Mathieu Razakolona Won an Olympic gold medal for alpine skiing 80% of the animals in Madagascar do not
exist anywhere else on Earth! Madagascar's Flag Map of Madagascar Thank You For Watching! Madagascar became a French-speaking country
because when the French conquest happened, the
French protected the Madagascarians from it.
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