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Graphic Design CPT

No description

katrina huang

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Graphic Design CPT

Katrina Huang's
When designing any item of clothing, a designer always researches and brainstorms what objectives and goals they are trying to achieve, the project scope, the target audience and lastly the overall style. In my design, I decided to create a mind map to brainstorm my ideas for this project.

My objectives and goals when designing this jacket, were based on the guidelines set by DX Design. The client’s goal for me was to create a jacket that is considered stylish in today’s society, while concurrently keeping the person safe from harsh Canadian winters. Reliability and affordability are two aspects I focused most on. This is a completely new design, created with the inspiration from popular jackets of the season and my very own ideas. My goals for designing this jacket were to create an item of clothing that would be considered high couture, but could be worn daily as well. Another very big rule to follow was keeping everything environmentally friendly, this was tough to do as I couldn’t think of eco-friendly materials that could replace those that are normally used, but I believed I satisfied this component well.

I decided to create a custom design that meets everything I believe a substantial winter jacket should have. As I gathered my thoughts and picked which trends and characteristics I wanted my jacket to have, I had to keep in mind today’s society and what most women are willing to wear, including myself. Some of the characteristics I included are a form fitting waist and the colour army green which is one of the most common colours of jackets for young women in today’s generation, but I added options in burgundy, black and all cream. I also chose to make my jacket longer as I wanted it to cover most of the body due to winds and other conditions. The jacket has two layers and the exterior is made out of recycled leather while the interior is 100% recycled cotton. Another feature I thought to include was a inner layer which zipped towards the chin, covering most of the neck so the customer can opt out the scarf from the outfit, and only wear the jacket while keeping their neck unexposed. My jacket is more towards the formal side but is casual enough to be worn daily as well.

The Jacob is made for the average young woman who is out and about, but aiming to look fashionable and keep warm while she goes about her day. The age range can vary from young adults to adults in their 50s. This jacket is made for any individual who decides to rock it. Through my own research, I have come to a conclusion that there are thousands of winter jackets in stores that are fashion forward, but do not meet the sole purpose of a jacket – which is to stay warm. Many women purchase these jackets and bare the consequence of freezing. Therefore the Jacob allows these women to look their best and be protected which eliminates the need to sprint to their car or destination due to the cold temperature.

In terms of style, DX did not specify what kind of style to follow, but rather what is common in today’s society. I researched in stores, online and on the streets and decided the characteristics of my jacket will apply to many consumers. I believe the colours I chose, features I included and the eco-friendliness of the jacket will attract consumers to buy this product that will definitely be worth their buck.
DX Certificate
This design of the Graphics, Senior level certificate is an entirely new design. The project task was to create a certificate that reflected the DX organization and title, along with other aspects such as the sponsor and President in a unique way. I decided to make my design simple, with one colour and one typeface. I did not want to overpower the name and DX symbol with excess colour, therefore i decided to pick hues of one colour instead. I believe this worked to my advantage as the dark blue and lighter blue compliment each other. I also wanted the name to pop, which is why I incorporated a drop shadow. The title however also pops but is less noticeable in relation with the contestant winner name. I decided black would be too bold for my design and therefore chose to make the darker texts a hue lighter than black. Overall I am pleased with my design, I was aiming for a modern, and simple yet bold certificate.
The objective of this project was to create a unique poster that informed the public about World Food Day and make them think twice about those that don’t have the necessities that first world countries do. My goals when planning this design were to make it simple, yet effective. I decided to make a line of produce and have the middle made up of different third world countries such as Africa. My intention with this design was to show how countries make food and supply us with our everyday ingredients. My target audience includes a range of all ages because the visuals are universally understandable to all. I wanted to keep the style clean and to the point because viewers will only focus on the main part and the message that is loud and clear. I believe the overall style came out to be clear and effective and will spread the news about World Food Day to the community.
Road Signs
Creating a persuasive, effective and eye catching poster that warned the public of the consequences of drunk driving, was the objective of this project. MADD wanted something that would make the public think twice about their actions, especially the young adults of our generation. When brainstorming and researching, I decided to base my design on trying to have the viewer think about their past, and their memories and how it would feel to lose someone due to one person’s poor decision. This included putting a ring of memories of a women’s son that started to fade each time she remembered farther into her past. What she remembered most was her son being killed and on a stretcher. I decided this would be effective to the public because every person has someone that loves them, and ruining their life would potentially ruin other lives that surrounded that person. My target audience was designed to people from young adults to elders as we all know someone who has lost a loved one, and how it affected them. Drunk driving is a something that we are able to stop therefore we should make it most aware to people of every age that they have the power to make the right decision. I believe my overall style brings the message across effectively that the person viewing it will think twice about their actions and how they will try and stop this global issue.
The goal for this project was to create signs for different objects and animals that were to be universally easy to understand. This included a shark, steam, an ice cream cone and many more. I decided to create each symbol moderately detailed so that the viewer could identify it, but still easy to look at and simple. My target audience includes everyone because this project is supposed to apply to everyone on the road, or any person that is literate. It also applies to those who cannot read because these visual signs are made to be understood well. I believe each sign effectively communicates its purpose and what the visual is portraying.
Thank you for taking the time to view my work and I hope you enjoyed it!
When brainstorming, I focused on ideas and concepts that would bring out my personality such as hobbies, interests and designs. I started with designs of objects and people, but soon realized I wanted to change the image of my design to modern yet creative and unique. I have many qualities and attributes that make up my personality, therefore it was difficult to choose one object or icon to represent myself. By changing my goal in what I wanted to design, I came up with a logo with circles that are gradually increasing in size, carefully placed around a stylish font. In addition, I used colour to modernize my logo name more, and make it appealing to the eye. I chose teal as the background of my envelope and the front of my business card. This way, I added another memorable colour to my brand without over doing anything. I created another and simpler logo that would be more memorable to the public. I used the initials of my company name and created a logo that incorporated elements from my previously made logo. In regards to typeface, I decided on a simple option to contrast my logo. This included fonts Book and Book Condensed from the typeface ITC Avant Garde Std. I am proud of my logos and I feel both represent me in the most memorable and simplest way possible.
The following consists of work I have done in Mr. Galang's Graphic Design courses the past two years. Through these projects, I have come to learn InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Enjoy!
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