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No description

rhodora espinosa

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of farewell

Farewell to you my friend Dec. 23,2009 Rev Staff
Christmas Party Janice,
I'll be missing you.... Thank you for serving us coffee during break time, for ordering us food for lunch & most of all, for being a good follower & cheerers. Ma mimiss ko ang mga halakhak mo!
Good luck my friend! You can count on us.
Love lots,
Lucy Boss Rev B-day August 2009 at Etons Cafe Good luck Janice,
at sa iyong pag-lisan
ang tanging pabaon ko
Take good care of yourself..
God bless you....
I'm gonna miss u.....
your sister.... dho

For I Know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future. Tita's farewell get together -Jan 4,2013 Janice
ang babaeng bungisngis
( hahahahahaha) Partner,
Go ahead w/ your dreams...
success will come along ur way.
I'll be missing ur coffee a lot
Take care! Don't forget us!!

ate evs Janice,
Always be nice to every body out there. Keep up the good work.remember always what we're talking about, arguing & discussing. Be a nice girl.
Thong Atz! Jha,
Maraming salamat sa lahat ng kabutihan mo na naibahagi mo sa amin billang iyong ka opisina... We always pray that God will bless your journey... Lhan
If at times you will feel down & hopeless & you can't seem to find a way to keep on moving, just sit down,close your eyes & feel how God works...
Lhan uli Dear Ma'am Janice,

Congratulations on your new job - good for you! While we will miss you and have fond memories of working with you, we wish you well and hope you attain all the success you deserve. Your loyalty and work ethic have been an inspiration to us all. As you start on your new venture this brings a wish your way,For many happy moments
to fill each coming day,And as you face the future that’s waiting just for you,May you soon discover your dreams have all come true,

BEST WISHES :-) KOI Dear Ms Janice,

As you go upon a new path I wish you many moments of happiness, success and achievement, may in each moment you live your dreams.

CELY Good bye REV
Thank You 4 everything Janice,
Good luck & many many years to come. Pls enjoy your job in Taiwan,don't forget all REV employees & if you have time, pls call to all your friends in Manila.
God bless you & take good care of yourself. It's me.... Felix Dominguito-FPD Janice,
No more coffee kasi wala nang magtitimpla sakin..... RAG Janice,
take care coz I care...
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