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No description

Joey Kopanski

on 7 October 2014

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From Past to Present
• Multi-generic form: action, gangster genre, romanticism, tragedy, parody;
High or Low Culture?
High Culture:
Rich neighborhoods
Appears to be a better life
Mansions - art
White dominant
Country clubs
Material world
Fancy Cars
The Culture of Simulacrum
Grand Theft Auto V
The cannibalization of styles from past and present
The loss of authentic artistic style in favor of pastiche
The breakdown of a firm distinction between high and low culture
The culture of the simulacrum or copy (for which no original existed)
The fashion for nostalgia in which history is the object not of representation but of stylistic connotation
The transcending of the capacities of the individual to locate him - or herself perceptually or cognitively in a postmodern hyperspace.
The Postmodern World: Late Capitalism
Low Culture:
Inner-city neighborhoods
Gang life
Fewer white population
Social Media: Pop Culture
Dating websites
iFruit - Apple
Sprunk - Sprite

• Politics of difference and diversity embodied by Michael, Franklin, and Trevor;
• Game of self-construction of multiple identities;
• The voice of the "other."
• Collapse of the distinction between high and low culture.
Los Santos vs. Los Angeles
• Loss of faith in science and religion;
• Loss of morality;
• Destruction processes.
A world without consequence
Schizophrenic Subjectivity
Weakening of historical understanding
Intense Nostalgia
Genuine Historical Knowledge
"the Sublime"
Common Sense
Kant: "Something you can imagine or believe intellectually, but can't represent. ex ∞
Causes us to feel
Best Art: "cognitive mapping..."
History is the object not of representation but of stylistic connotation
An image or representation of someone or something.
Photo Source: All Games Beta
Loss of Historicity
Leads to a breakdown of signifiers
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