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Catholicism vs. Islam

No description

han welsh

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Catholicism vs. Islam

Catholicism vs. Islam
Catholics come together as a community because every Sunday everyone comes together for worship and prayer as a community of the Catholic church.
Muslims come together as a community every Friday for worship with their Imam. Also 5 times a day, when they hear the call for prayer, every Muslim worships at the same time as a collective community.
Catholics show tradition in so many ways. One example is the Eucharistic Miracle. Every mass the priest blesses unleavened bread and wine and turns it into the body of Christ.
Muslims show tradition through their pilgrimage to Mecca. At least once in their lifetime a Muslim is expected to travel to Mecca and circle the Kaaba or 'The House of Allah", a tradition that began at the start of Islam.
Catholics can be shown guidance through talking to a priest, or a spiritual leader. Catholics can feel guide by receiving as many sacraments as possible
Muslims can seek guidance through prayer, and talking to their Imam (prayer director). Muslims can seek peace by praying 5 times daily.
Catholics have ritual in the weekly mass. Every Sunday there is mass and worship at the Church. The bread and wine is turned into the body and blood of Christ
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