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Instructional and Organizational Tactics

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Mark Ziminsky

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Instructional and Organizational Tactics

How do organizational tactics reinforce the general education curriculum? Examples: Instruction And Organization Foldables How can instructional tactics allow all students to access the general education curriculum? How do organizational tactics reinforce the general education curriculum? Online Social Networks Peer Tutoring Project Based Learning Data Stations What it's Not What it is - Helps develop problem solving skills - "All students engage in a common project with unclear processes but clearly identified expected outcomes." (Yetkiner, Anderoglu, & Capraro 2008) - Just a game/just for fun - Merely an assessment tool, the project is the learning - Only hands on activities Pros - Working backwards through Bloom's Taxonomy Cons - Extremely plan intensive - Projects can be designed to affect the surrounding community - When PBL is implemented on a large scale, there is a large degree of flexibility that teachers have to spend on projects. - Curriculum is more engaging to students. - Students internalize knowledge and do, not just memorize information. - Projects often require a large degree of cooperation and teamwork among students. Classroom management becomes more difficult - Easy to get lost in the "fun" and lose focus on the true objectives - Can be a "hard sell" to parents and others due to its non traditional nature. - Lends itself to differentiation; through the discovery of the project's topic, different "clusters of needs can addressed. How can instructional tactics allow all students to access the general education curriculum? Project
Based Learning Through PBL, students access the general curriculum: Through interactions with peers. By using problem solving skills to explore new topics and questions. By posing their own questions taking ownership of learning. Pros Cons -Tutors are properly trained What is it? What are they? -Students are taught by selected classmates -Benefits both tutor and tutored -May not improve basic operational skills -Students become supportive of one another -Engages all students -Often does not use high order thinking -Does not require extra resources, material, or time -Only applicable with previously learned material or different grade levels How do organizational tactics reinforce the general education curriculum? Foldables Foldables reinforce the general curriculum: free online social networks (OSNs) for educators to connect with students and their parents the OSNs allow teachers to host discussions as well as post homework, assignments and quizzes What are Edmodo and Moodle? Advantages of Using Online Social Networks Educators can use them to centralize all the material they will use for the class, including documents, homeworks, quizzes, etc. Parents have their own accounts which they can use to keep track of their child's progress, assignments, and the discussions taking place in the class Disadvantages of Using Online Social Networks students and parents must have access to a computer with internet. learning disabled students tend to have trouble learning how to use the interface Students can access the information from their mobile phones the organization is already done for the students, so it does not help students organize for themselves. -Supervised by classroom teacher -Most useable with factual knowledge - Students learn how to work cooperatively - Can be difficult to manage classroom -Some students may need extra reinforcement of skills
-Students can work in smaller groups while being monitored by the teacher
-Different groups can work on different topics or skills How can instructional tactics allow all students to access the general education curriculum? What role does instruction play in organization? Pros Cons What role does organization play in instruction? similar in functionality to software such as Blackboard that is in use at the university level, but facilitates educational interaction among students in different schools/nations (promotes a "flat" classroom) References -Can be used for instruction/note taking, or as an assessment -In general, any anything made using paper and perhaps scissors, glue, string, staples, etc. to present information. -3-D, interactive graphic organizers -Hands-on manipulatives -Reading and study-skill strategies -Makes learning accessible to all students (Zike, Yetkiner, Z. E., Anderoglu, H., & Capraro, R. M. (2008). Research summary: Project-based learning in middle grades mathematics. Retrieved [date], from http://www.nmsa.org/Research/
ResearchSummaries/ProjectBasedLearninginMath/tabid/1570/Default.aspx Gard, J., Maheady, L. (2010). Classwide peer tutoring: Practice, theory, research, and personal
narrative. Intervention in school and clinic.46, 71-78. Retrieved 28 October 2012
http://isc.sagepub.com/content/46/2/71.full.pdf+html. Fardoun, H. M., Alghazzawi, D. M., Lopez, S. R., Penichet, V. M., & Gallud, J. A. (2012). Online Social Networks Impact in Secondary Education. Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing, 152, 37-45. Retrieved October 27, 2012, from the SpringerLink database. -Organize information in a way to better aid in the grasping of concepts and mastering of skills -Allows students to take ownership of their learning -Encompasses a broader curriculum What is data?
Data are individual facts, items of information, and statistics Cons What is a Data Station?

A graphic representations of charts, and graphs comparing student performance in various areas such as tests, attendance, after-school participation, homework, and etc.
Should have:
A clear purpose and goal
Spark conversations on improving to reach goals
Be updated regularly,
Informative and encouraging. A data station commands center stage and communicates a classroom environment focused on evidence of student learning. Pros -Promotes independence

-Helps students become more responsible

-Allow students to learn through self-discovery -Can lead to rivalry between the students

-Students may think badly of themselves

-May show separation between the stronger and weaker students -Data centers become a reference for students to organize and maintain their attention on results. A classroom in which each student understands the expectations based on explicit, measurable goals/objectives with data charts and quality tools to keep the class on track is critical to attaining results. Organizational tactics do reinforce the general curriculum. By having these organized data centers its reinforcement is the motivation between the students. Students try to compete with one another all the time. When one student sees another student’s accomplishment, the other student is going to try to do better than him/her. By having this motivation from the students, the students will want to do better which will lead to better grades. How do organizational tactics reinforce the general education curriculum? Online social networks provide a hub for teachers and students to access the curriculum at any time as it's been taught. If students need to refer back to previous lessons, they can do that anytime or anywhere as long as they have an internet connection The discussions and interactions with the teacher and peers also serve to reinforce and solidify the material in their mind. OSNs also provide a backup for students. All their submissions are stored on the site. If documents are lost, they can be accessed on the OSN. The access provided to parents also can guide them in how to assist their child so that he or she may get the parental support they need in the learning process. Why are they Important? -By providing an interactive study tool -By creating a sense of investment in the curriculum -With poor classroom management, can take time from instruction -My lead to the response "this is math, not art class" Zike, D. Teaching with foldables. McGraw Hill Glencoe. Montgomery County Public Schools. (n.d.). Baldridge for staff. Retrieved from http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/info/baldrige/staff Dolores Bencivengo, Power point from Dr. Farbers Class on 10/22/2012
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