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Duck Hunting Informative Speech

No description

Alex Feather

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Duck Hunting Informative Speech

History of Duck Hunting in Arkansas The first established duck hunting season in Arkansas took place in 1915 It was 106 days long, with no bag limit. Two years later, the first federal regulations took effect and hunters where limited to 25 duck per day. Famous People who have duck hunted in Arkansas Ted Nugent (Uncle Ted) Vice President Dick Cheney Former President Bill Clinton Mallards Harvested threw the years More Mallards are harvested in Arkansas than in any other state and we consistently rank in the top three states for total duck harvest volume. Through the years, seasons lengths have varied from 92 days to as few as 25 days and bag limits have been as low as two ducks. In more recent history In the 2010-2011 season more than 1.4 million ducks were harvested; 700,000 in which were mallards. Regulations and Requirements A Shotgun cannot have the ability to hold more than the sum total of three shotgun shells at once in the magazine. Hunters Ed and Duck Stamps A duck hunter in Arkansas must posses a valid state hunting license if older than15 years of age. The individual must also carry the license as well as his registration. Hunters must also have a current Arkansas waterfowl stamp and a federal migratory bird and conservation stamp with their signature on both stamps in ink. Hunter can only utilize shotguns when in pursuit of ducks in Arkansas Size of Shell: duck hunters in Arkansas must employ steel or other nontoxic types of Shot that the U.S. Fish and Wild life Service Approve of and the shot can not exceed 2 inches in diameter. A hunter can legally shoot ducks in arkansas from 30 Minutes Before sunrise to 30 Minutes after sunset. Timber and Feild Hunting Timber hunting: is hunting in flooded woods where there are mainly Cyprus and Oak trees. This type of hunting mainly occurs in low lying swampy river areas. Field hunting:is where you are hunting in the wide open where there is a section of water that also has a major food source or could be a rest area for migrating ducks. Timber Hunting Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages: You can hide more easily, ducks have only certain places they can land threw the timber which opens up to in your face shooting. Disadvantages: Depends on a lot of rain or well water, you cant hunt timber on a cloudy day, and you may have to boat in to the hole which can be dangerous sometimes in the dark. Field hunting Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages: More opportunity for shooting, more variety of ducks, you can kill ducks in the field if its sunny or cloudy. Disadvantages: Its difficult to hide, your 3 acre hole can turn into a 30 acre hold with a good rain, need to be more versatile, can freeze up easy. Duck Hunting in Arkansas Duck hunting is a major part of every Arkansans life. Even people who don't duck hunt area affected by this fun, and addictive outdoor sport. Duck Hunting in Arkansas has an amazing history dating back to the first duck hunt which was in 1915. there along with that thetwotypes of areas hunters can hunt ducks which are open field hunting and flooded timber hunting
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