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Victorian Melodrama

No description

Hannah Brown

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Victorian Melodrama

Victorian Melodrama
By Hannah Brown

What is a Victorian Melodrama?
A Victorian Melodrama is a play performed with lots of exageration. The word, "Melodrama," deruves from to greek words. "Melo" meaning music and "Drama" meaning play. Music was a large part of the performance, as it exagerated the way people moved, what they were thinking and made action scenes more exciting.
Stock Characters
There are usually 6 stock characters in a melodrama:
The Hero- A dashing young man, with little money, who is usually saw as quite dumb
The Heroine- A beautiful and venerable young lady who is courages, brave and strong
The Old parent- A withered man or women who is the parent of the heroine, who can not afford to look after both themselves and their daughter
The Villain- A clever and manipulative man, sometime in love with the heroine, who usually quite rich.
The Sidekick- A stupid, clumsy and unfortunate person who always makes mistakes.
Idea 3
Idea 4
Melodrama was first performed in Germany and was called, Sturn und Drang. This style of acting was to heighten emotion and action. But there is a difference. Unlike the violence and tragedy in a Sturn und Drang performance, a Melodrama is more innocent and light.
An original Melodrama consist of 6 stock characters:
The Hero
The Heroine
The Old parent
The Villain
The Sidekick
These sort of plays a typically, good vs evil, and this done so it is easy to see what characters are what. For example, the villain will usually wear a cape so he looks more secretive.
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