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alvin C York

No description

lib hist

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of alvin C York

Ryan Cole Greg
alvin C York
Sergeant York was one of the most decorated soldiers in world war one. he was a medal of honor recipient for leading an attack on a german machine gun nest.
He showed courage during his attack on the germans when he took 32 machine guns, killed 28 of them, and captured 132 others.
His platoon was getting attacked and he lead 7 men , with great daring, to a machine gun nest which was eventually captured. He knew it had to be done to help out in the war and showed great honor for his country by risking his life.
Alvin showed great citizenship by fighting for his country and having courage to capture the machine gun nests.
Personal opinion
We think alvin was a true hero. He risked his life for our country and greatly helped the winning of world war I. He is a very brave man, with a ton of courage, and is definetly a true patriot. Without people like Alvin our world wouldnt be such a good place.
World War I Courage
Patriotism and Honor

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