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Minecraft Simulator!

Eery Dery Erm Shurfflin

Brett Cutler

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Minecraft Simulator!

By Brett Cutler and Chris Hogg Minecraft was created in May 17, 2009
by a man named Marcus "Notch" Persson With the help of Jeb Notch decided to leave King.com after working for 4 years soon after you was inspired to create Minecraft based off the games Dwarf Fortress Infiniminer and Dungeon Keeper. Simulator What is a Simulator A simulator is a game where you play as a realistic gaming according to life, aircrafts, etc. The simulator limits you on what you can do or what you need before you can obtain an objective In Minecraft... You play as a person left out in the wilderness. Your job is to survive and conquer the land. All the materials you need you have to find. Before you can obtain them you must find something of equal value to give up in order to obtain it whether it be time, materials, weapons, even danger. But survival isn't all that matters. You can interact with the world around. Train your own dog, feed your own cats, go fishing, breed your livestock, meet villagers, build houses, even conquer the world of enemies But its not all Farming and Wolf Raising at night. The Monsters come out like Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons and Spiders. You can Build Huge Structures to AMAZE your frie You can Build Huge Structures to AMAZE your friends. Minecraft is played on Xbox which you use the
controler to play, the Andriod which you use your fingers to play, and the PC where you use the mouse and keyboard Alot of different kinds of people play minecraft.
More then 5 million people have purchased
Minecraft and 16 million have joined and made an
account on the website. Mine
craft Java
Coding Creative Survival Hardcore Code
for enviroment Code for "mobs" Code for generations Xbox PC Andriod Enabling Technology: The Coding Language Faster CPU and Processors Better and Better Ram. Who Plays: From kids to adults Lots of Gamers Packing: Its download able from The Internet At minecraft.net Playable
on Additional Information Gaming
Types Tons of Modifications available for custom game play Servers are found online for multiplayer gameplay Some Mods allow Mutiplayer Gameplay with them he Also Customizable Skins for stuff Called 'Texture Packs' About the Creator The End!!!
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