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Animal Testing

No description

Tiffini Barnes

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Animal Testing

Animal Testing
By: Tiffini Barnes
Animal Testing
Animal Testing is cruel and the potential treatments are pointless.
Animal testing is procedures that are performed on living animals for research; medicinal products, environmental safety for customer and industry products, and the human health.
The Suffering and pain
Types of Tests
-Draize eye test: Products are used on the animals eye for a reaction

-Skin test: Used to check for toxicity

-LD50 test: Used to determine how much of a dosage of a substance can kill an animal
Examples on the differences between animals and humans
Results unreliable in animal testing
Estimates of animals being used
Animals in testing and research are being subjected into experiments range from poisoning, new drugs, infected with diseases, and other invasive and painful procedures
The Suffering and Pain (Continued)
They live in stressful and unnatural conditions consisting of daily deprivation and confinement within labs
Only changes that occur in their lives is:
-testing protocols or research
-an invasive experiment
-any other type of procedure that may result in the death of the animal
Protocols for the animals can cause relentless suffering which include:
-electric shocks
-withholding of their food and water
-repetitive breeding as infants are separated from their mothers
Scientists have tried to mirror human diseases by creating artificial symptoms in dogs, mice, or monkeys.
Very often these symptoms and reactions to the potential treatments seen in the other species were dissimilar than those seen in human patients.
As a result to the potential treatments, 9 out of every 10 candidate medicines that had appeared to be safe and working for the animals failed once they were given to humans.
Scientific reviews show that research involving animals correlates very poorly to humans.
There is supporting evidence that animal studies have failed to calculate real human outcomes 50 to 99.7% cases.
Every year in the U.S., over 25 million animals being used in product and cosmetic testing, biomedical experimentation, and science education.
About 100 million animals are experimented on around the world every year.
Dogs, rabbits, cats, monkeys, and many more animals were used in testing. Although, the majority of test animals used were mice, rats, and birds (they were placed from tens to hundreds of millions in labs).
Morphine calms humans, but excites cats
Penicillin kills guinea pigs and hamsters
Aspirin poisons cats
Cortisone causes birth defects in mice but not humans
Chloroform is toxic to dogs
Chocolate can kill dogs
Alternatives used instead of animal testing are more effective and are less cruel ways for experimentation.
Vitro Cell Culture: Used in test tubes, not the human body. Vitro tests use a small of human skin which will make the results 100% useful to humans.
Donated human blood: Used for testing pyrogenicity. (Seeing what drugs or toxins may do to humans.)
Microdosing: Used for basic behavioral drugs that human volunteers receive doses well below those are expected to produce whole-body results.
Testing on animals is seen to be outdated and a risky cause of results
Results from experimentation have been misleading when used on humans and animals are suffering because of the experiments.
Animal suffering could be eliminated, along with the safety of medicines being approved, if the government decides to adopt a new strategy on an introduction to new drugs.
Animal testing is cruel and alternatives are the best way for effective results on humans.
Fish are friends, not animal test subjects.
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Song: Angel by Sarah Mclachlan
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