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Animal Farm

No description

Josue Vega-Rodriguez

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of Animal Farm

Chapter 1 Animal Farm Mr. Jones was drunk
Old Major had a dream
Old Major had a meeting
All the animals were present execpt for Moses
After all the animals were situated, Old Major Began to speak
Major was foreshadowing his death approaching
Major tells the animals about his dream and the utopia that it is
Since the animals were so loud that they woke Mr. Jones
Mr. Jones grabbed his shotgun and shot into the darkness 6 times
This caused all the animals to go to their sleeping place in a matter of seconds
Where the hens are staying. Chapter 2 Three nights after old major told his dream he died
The pigs used the knowlegde that they learned from Old Major
They taught all the other animals on the farm how to read and write
These teachings were called Animalism
The pigs talk about a rebellion
The pigs most faithful followers were the two horses
The animals revolted and chased Mr. Jones and his men out of the farm
The farmhouse is preserved as a musem
Snowball formulated the 7 commandments
The 7 commandments consits of everything in Old Majors dream When the animals revolted Chapter 3 The harvest was hard to work
The implements were designed for humans so it was hard for animal to use
The pigs supervised all the rest of the animals
Boxer was the best and the strongest worker on the farm
All food was created by them and for AAAthem
On Sundays there was no work but just ceremonies
Snowball created the Egg Production Committee of the hens
Almost all the animals know the 7 commandments but those who don't it was shorten for them
The milk and apples for presevered for the pigs so that they can have good health
It was in all the animals interest that the pigs stay in good health Chapter 4 Snowball and Napoleon sent flight pigeons to tell people of the rebellion
Mr. Jones was at Red Lion complaining about what happend to him
The farmer at Foxwood would use Mr. Jones misfortune to his own gain
Mr. Jones went to Manor farm to fight for it back
Snowball was in command because he learned about battle tactics from a book from Julius Caesar
The geese attacked first by pecking at there legs
Snowball gave the order to retreat so that the humans can get ambushed
The animals inside were charging the humans and Mr. Jones shot and killed a sheep
After this the animal had driven all the humans to retreat
After the battle the animals were searching for Mollie and found her hinding in her stall
At the end of the day their was a proper burial and the raising of the flag

Chapter 5 Mollie betrayed the animals
Mollie was on Frederick farm getting her nose stroked
There was a clash between napoleon and snowball
The animals are fighting for complete leadership
Snowball argued he wants the animals to work 3 times a week while Napoleon wants the animals to work the whole week
There was a defense that Napoleon wanted all the other animals from the other farms to join the rebellion
Every Sunday morning at ten O' clock the animals regrouped in the barn
The pigs said it would take them all 2 years to complete the windmill
Napoleon took over now that he got Snowball out of the way
Boxer is ver loyal to Napoleon so he will not go against this decision
Chapter 6 Napoleon put a rule that on Sunday it is voluntary but if not worked rations were cut
The animals worked hard for their own benefit
The animals have encountered many problems when building the windmill
Stones were so big they needed to be broken down
Without Boxer the building of the windmill would have been impossible
Even the pigs gave their part to help because of the importance of the windmill
The pigs usually never work because they were the leaders
Chickens had to give up their eggs for the contribution of the windmill
The pigs are sleeping in beds now and this is a violation of a commandment
Since the comandment was changed by the adding of "with sheets" this was now acceptable The building of the Windmill Chapter 7 The windmilll was destroyed due to the wheater
It was cruisal for the windmill to be rebuilt the outside was watching
At the animal farm their were shotages of food and supplies
Napoleon tricked Mr. Whymper into thinking that their were no shortages because the food bins were filled with sand
The hens had to give up their eggs so they had a terrible outcry
The deal was 400 eggs a week for enough meat and grains
Napoleon found out that Snowball is either at Foxwood or Pinchfield
Boxer doesn't believe that Snowball is a traitor
Napoleon found animals that were comspiring with humans Chapter 8 Terror was in the minds of all the animals after the excutions
The 6th commandment was changed by the adding of "without cause"
The windmill was in the process of being rebuilt twice as thick
All orders go through the pigs
Napoleon is now reffered to as Leader only
Napoleon liked the poem that was made for him so he approved for it be inscribed in the big barn
Three hens came forward and confessed that they conspired to kill Napoleon
All and any who oppossed Napoleon was excuted on the spot
The pigs played Frederick and tricked him into taking the fake papers
There was a huge battle that occured and the windmill destroyed by the humans Chapter 9 After the Battle of The Windmill Boxer ended up with a spilt hoof
Boxer refused to take a day off despite being injuried.
Boxer's retirement was only one year away
The pigs and dogs are all growing in numbers
The young pigs were seperated from all others to be taught seperately
The animals always practiced a certain military march
Moses the raven came back after several years
One day boxer decided to go out and pull a load all by himself and ended up injuring his lung
Boxer was taken to his stall and put to rest until help arrived from Mr. Willingdon
A van came to get boxer to the vet, but it ended up being a slaughter. Boxer was never heard of again Chapter 10 Alot of the animals died by now.
Napolean was now a mature boar
The farm had become more organized and prosperous by the enlargement of the farm by two fields
The windmill was being used for energy production now
Some of the animals are being treated better than others
Now the pigs are walking on their hind legs
There are no longer seven commandments but only one
Napoleon invited Mr. Pilkington over has his guest
The pigs and the humans are together drinking and eating
The farm was changed from Animal Farm back to Manor Farm
The pigs have now become like humans and the humans into pigs and to humans
Characters Old major (Marxism)
Jones (Czar Nicholas 11)
Moses (Organized Religion)
Animal Rebellion (Russian Revolution of 1917)
Napoleon (Stalin)
Snowball (Trotsky)
Squealer (Pravada)
Napoleon's dogs ( secret police)
Pilkington (Churchill)
Frederick (Hitler)
Battle of Cowshed (Invasion of Russia)
Battle of the Windmill ( German Invasion)
Final scene ( Teheran Conference)
Animals ( The Proletariat)
Building of the windmill ( 5-year plan)
Chasing away Jones ( Disposal of Czar and family)
Confession and executions (Blood purges of 1936-38)
Selling of wood ( Nazi-Soviet Pact)
4 Porkers rejected Napoleon's ideas( White Russians)
Mollie the cart horse ( The Bourgeoisie)
Mr. Whmper ( Foreign Agents)
Napoleon takes the farm ( Stalin becomes a Dictator) George Orwell His real name was Eric Blair
Born in 1903 in Motihari, Bengal
Worked for Opium Department of Civil Service
When Blair was 5 years old he attened an Anglican purish school
Eric attened St Cyprian's college
After college Blair joined the Indian Imperial Police in Burma
By 1928 eric stared to hate Imperialism and then resigned
In 1933 Eric Blair changed his name to George Orwell as his pen name
He was a school teacher until he became sick
Orwell then took up work as an assistant in a bookshop
Orwell aslo fought in the Spanish Civil War
Around 1940 George Orwell was supporting himself by writing books
All the books that Orwell wrote were Animal Farm, Nineteen Eighty-Four, The Road to Wigan Pier, Homage to Catalon, Coming Up for Air, Burmese Days, Keep the Aspidistra Flying, A Clergyman's daughter, and The Lion and The Unicorn: Socialism and The English Genius
On January 21st 1950 Orwell died at the age of 46 from Taberculosis The meeting Old Major call with the animals The pigs when they dressed for the humans Russian Revolution This revolution took place in 1905 in Russia
The Russian Tsar was Nicholas II
Russia lost to Japan a couple of times in Navy Battles
On January 22 at St Petersburg hundreds of unarmed demonstrators were shot in cold-blood
In Riga 50,000 workers went on strike
Farmers saw the revolt and took advantage of take land freely
By 1917 the Soviet Secret Police was created
In 1917 Russia was yet in another war that was WWI
This has happend directly after a civil war
A treaty was signed at the end of WWI in 1918
In February of 1918 Estonia and Lithuania declared their independence and in November Latvia declared their independence
All three of these were the ones that have been democratically elected single-chamber parliaments
By the end of all these wars Ruissa stoped being run by a dictator and became a democratic government
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