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Copy of This is NPR

Top ten facts about npr

Zane Groshelle

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of This is NPR

& this is From Kabul to Beijing, correspondents are based in 17 foreign bureaus. Domestically, there are 16. Every week, 26.8 million people tune in to NPR programs and NPR Newscasts. NPR and stations are everywhere: download apps and podcasts for iPhone, Android and iPad; follow NPR on Twitter; be a Facebook fan; visit NPR.org. NPR is not PBS or public TV. Some NPR stations operate both a PBS TV station and an NPR radio station. The federal contribution to public media amounts to $1.35 per American per year. For radio alone, this amounts to only 37 cents. NPR programming reaches more people than the total circulation of the top national newspapers. * * * * * * About 93 percent of the U.S. population can hear at least one station that carries NPR programming. * * * NPR is 40: April 1971, NPR debuted with live coverage of Senate Vietnam War hearings. May 3, 1971, All Things Considered aired on 90 stations. this is .org 100,000 people 1 public station NPR is the #1 provider of public radio content and programming but not all public radio programs are produced or distributed by NPR. 944 public stations air NPR programming: 268 NPR Members operating 789 stations and 142 non-member public stations. * mapsof.net mapsof.net &
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