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Circle of friends

Course 11 mini-project

Juan Rafael Miranda

on 20 February 2012

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Transcript of Circle of friends

Circle of friends
Fonso is a friend I made while playing
Dungeons and Dragons, a role-playing game.
A group of friends gathered around that game and we played every sunday for many of our teenage years. We also played playstation games every sunday and organized many Playstation Soccer tournaments at a friend's apartment. He lives in Chile right now, but he's my best friend still.
Fonso is a really intelligent guy, and a very nice person to talk to.
He's a little square, but he's the kind of friend I know I can always count on.
We share many hobbies, and when we really enjoy playing games together because we make a great team.
Sergio Villa (Obsidian)
Sergio is a well-known cartoonist and illustrator.
He has designed and illustrated books for international publishers, and he has also done commission art for board games, books, kickstarter projects, and even for the design and decoration of Nike sneakers. He has a webcomic called "Commissioned" and he has also participated of podcasts with famous podcasters like Scott Johnson, of the Frogpants studios.

He's the kind of person who will always make a snide remark, and the guy that responds with a well-timed sarcasm and a good joke.
Pili and Lara
These are my wife and daughter. They are my motivation and the reason I do everything.
Pili is the person that really gets me. She is the one who truly understands why I do the things I do the way I do them. She's my wife and my best friend. We have a lot of fun together, although we are really different.
We share a deep love for music, as we both sing, and on occasion we do it together. Other things we love are literature, psychoanalysis, and movies. We love going to a good movie and a good restaurant. We'll take that over a disco any day.
Lara is my little princess. She's happy and sweet all the time, and she's the one that can lift me up even when I'm really down.
She loves music too, and she has a beautiful voice. She loves singing "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele, the song that made her huge.
Lara is 7 years old right now, and she's the reason I get up to work at 4:30 in the morning with a smile on my face.
Alfonso Fergusson
Henry Borrero
Henry is the best guitarrist I know. (seriously, the best)
He's a full-time musician and he teaches Electric guitar at Bellas Artes. He also has a band called Kuza Xué.
He's the person I went to in order to record my production. He's the producer in my project and his work is incredible and flawless.
He's a great person to work with and his musical sense is incomparable.
Hernán D. Moreno
He's my oldest friend. We haven't much of each other in the past few years, but when we get together it's as if we had never been apart.
He's the kind of friend that displays a goofy humor and that many people don't take seriously, but he has a very noble and kind heart.

He's another friend I have that I know I can always count on, and we go way back.
Liliana Arias
Liliana is a new friend from work. She's a fun, sweet person that always wears a smile and has kind words for everyone in the teacher's lounge.
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