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Effects of Advertising in Fast food

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m o

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Effects of Advertising in Fast food

Effects of Advertising in Fast food
By team: Got Answers
Michael Osgood, Shaveka Turner & Reyvin Perdomo

Who determines the standards of advertising?
The standards of advertising always promote telling the truth even if is not the absolute truth or in better terms the whole truth. Advertising is always subjects to laws where they have to fulfill all the promotional guidelines with expiration dates, correct prices and age restrictions set by the (ASA) The Association of Advertising before any advertising is done there is a procedure that has to be follow which even after being approved and the promotion is running where in television, radio or so newspaper, it will be removed if its determined that it does in fact violates the codes.
In what ways has advertising affected American Culture?
The American culture has changed dramatically with the advertising of fast food, every year increase 2.7% in the amount of stops to a fast-food restaurant since 2003 and the only year to decline by 0.6 was in 2008 which mean that the culture has changed from eating traditionally at a table to just go and get a bite of some sort. By lowering the cost of their product and increasing their mass production, they decreased the need of cooking at home, even though there is other factor that helps the cause which is the change on the modern lifestyle.
Article: Has Advertising in School Gone Too Far?
Author : Ford, Andréa
Publication title: Time Magazines
Volume 176
Issue 19
Publication date: Nov 8, 2010

Article: Not all happy about fast-food fundraisers
Author: Drier, Hannah
Publication title :Bay Area News Group
Publication date: 10/16/2010
Publication website: http://www.hannahdreier.com/mcteachers.html



What are three persuasive techniques that are used in advertisement?
1.Promotional time: usually advertisement offers a period of time in which you will get an item for a specific lower price.

2.Size: another typical promotion offer in fast-food industries is a bigger or larger amount of the product. Examples BigMac, or king size drink or triple x burrito.

3.The perfect picture: they will show you what you want to see, instead of what it is actually.
How is fast food being advertised?
Fast food and the way that is advertised has change a lot now it is mainly promoted to the youth, like students, teenagers and kids. With a vast advertisement on kids meal or quick bites as smaller burgers or nuggets like whopper jr, Mcnuggest, Mcburger or jack in a box from taco bell.
To target the youth companies make meals with toys, additional drinks, kids drinks or kids sides. Examples are happy meals, apple juice, or caramel apple slices. This is advertised in various cartoons or on kid's networks. Advertisements are even being portrayed in schools and on school buses.
The most frequent way of fast-food advertisement to teenagers is in the movie industries. Not only famous scenes like in Eddy Murphy’s coming to America, but in the movie promotions as well.
The most recent way has been introducing a new variety of healthy meals. Companies do this to clean up the bad name that the industry has developed with high calorie foods and high in sugar beverages. This promotion started with large selections from salads, non-flower taco dough and other implementations to create a new image and better view for the industry.
Children and Advertising
Children and advertising has raised controversy amongst Americans. Advertising is becoming increasingly scrutinized by the government. There are concerns that since children are so impressionable that the advertising should either be decreased or stopped all together.
Advertising in Schools
Advertising has always been a taboo topic in the school systems. More and more schools are using ads on a daily bases. Ad spaces are being pushed in a variety of forms on lockers, vending machines, school buses, lunch room, permission slips, and fund raisers. Due to the economy, many schools are turning to advertising as a source to bring more money in. Parents are not so keen on the idea of fast food ads in school. Many of parents have voiced their opinion and stated that it gives off mixed messages about healthy eating choices. Private schools have hired catering from fast food franchises for lunch.

Fast food school fundraisers
2.Burger King / McDonalds
5.Five Guys burger and fries
6.Pizza Hut / Domino’s Pizza
7.Taco Bell

While many may criticize these tactics, it is beneficial for the school and company. School boards and legislators are inviting advertising into schools to push their ads because unlike a television that can be turned off, in school it is not so simple. For example, McDonald’s advertise "McTeacher's Night, " a fundraiser that donates 20 percent of the night's profits to the participating school. Many Fast Food franchises advertise these types of fundraisers in schools monthly.

What are the elements that are unusual?

1. The commercial has a catchy tune that helps consumers remember the “Big Mac”. Even though the commercial is older. The song alone stands out.

What is the target group of the commercial?

2. The target group is not only a McDonald lover but a burger lover as well.

How does the commercial appeal to consumers?

3. The song and pictures of this attractive cheeseburger makes a consumer try it . It has had great and everlasting impact. The “Big Mac” has been on the McDonalds menu for years and is one of their top sellers.

Why do you believe this commercial to be effective in brand name recognition?

4. McDonalds is known for the “Big Mac” it is the only fast food franchise that makes it. The “Big Mac” is an original even though many have tried to do replica of it.

How are ethical standards met—or pushed to their limits?

5. McDonalds ethical standards are met because they have took heavy criticism after the 2004 film “ Super Size Me” They have bet the critics and changed their menu to cater to healthier fast food eating. They still kept top sellers and favorites as well. The franchise is international and also known internationally. They cater to different food choices world wide. They cater to kids and still keep an inviting presents to catch children’s attention. They have a variety of advertising methods in different languages and also engaged actively in social networking. McDonalds is very convenient . Most McDonald chains are within blocks of each other and most are open 24 hours. They are in shopping malls , off main highways , airports and bus stations.

Give examples ether personal or in relationship to our topics

Every kid can identify with McDonalds. Growing up I remember the golden arch and asking my parents to take me there. As an adult, everyone once and awhile I stop by McDonalds to catch an old classic . I remember being pregnant and craving a burger and driving up to McDonalds at 1 am to fill my burger craving
During this presentation we will explore the advertising market in fast food.
Key Topics:

o Children and advertising

o Advertising in schools

o Health and advertising

o Political advertising
Political Advertising
Childhood obesity is an ever growing problem in the US. One in Three children are considered obese. In 2009 Congress consulted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Federal Trade Commission in efforts to reduce advertising towards children from 2-17 years old.
Fast food advertisements are popping up everywhere from movies, cartoons, music videos, in schools and even school buses. Advertisements help promote businesses or can lead consumers to impulsively buy goods. Others believe that childhood obesity is derived from these advertisements since they are generally geared towards children.
First Lady Michelle Obama has spear headed this problem to promote healthy eating in young adults. Her efforts are to ensure a healthy future for the American public.
Fast food advertising has grown dramatically over the past century. Consumers are over-whelmed with all types of advertisements. Some are targeted for the youth, teens while others are for adults. Some of the advertisements for children are even questioned by congress. It is up to the consumer to understand they are for promotion and that companies just want the consumers to impulsively buy a product.
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