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Sales Associate

No description

Jay-ar Gurtiza

on 26 January 2017

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Transcript of Sales Associate

Sales Associate
American Eagle Outfitters
Education and Career Information
Requirements to get the job

Connection To Related School Subject
Essential Skills
Essential skills that I'm good at
Ladder safety procedure
Essential Skills
Most important Essential Skills
Document use - recording new and old products

Oral Communication - talking to customers

Working with others - helping a co worker when he/she is . having trouble

Working with others
Document use
Essential skills that I still need to work on
Oral communication
Essential skills that I can bring with me in another job
Oral communication
Working with others
ladders must be securely placed or held
don't lean while using the ladder
make sure the legs of the ladder is fully spread
Fire safety procedure
evacuate the building
meet at the parking lot in front of the store
Minor injury

treat the injury
tell supervisor
document what happened

Must be 16 years old
ability to work well in team
good communication skills
able to stand for a long period of time
Job promotions and Qualification to be promoted

Sales leader- Minimum High School education and minimum 1 – 2 years retail experience

Assistant manager- Minimum high school education,2+ years of retail experience and ability to lead a team.

Manager- Minimum high school education,minimum of 3 years of retail,knowledge and understanding of employment laws, ability to develop and train others.
GLC20 Careers
Identify the interpersonal and teamwork skills they need to improve

The interpersonal skills I need to improve are talking to people without stuttering and having the confidence to share my ideas with my co-workers. I think I can improve these skills by building trust with my co-workers and getting to know them better; I can improve my speaking skills by planning what I’m going to say in the conversation and writing the first that comes to mind so I don’t forget it. I also need to work on my listening skills because sometimes I don’t understand what they are saying. I think I can improve my listening skills by repeating back to the person what he has said to make sure that I got the right information.
One task that i completed at that connects to this area of learning was when i was out on the sales floor and i had to help 2 customers at the same time. This is when i had to use my interpersonal skills mostly my listening and speaking skills. Also my teamwork skill was tested on how well i can work with other people because there was one time the store was so busy and everyone was going back and forth trying to help or get items for customers but we manage to get through it since everyone was positive and reliable.
The one thing i would want to learn if i were to continue my placement is to do cashier
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