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Idiolect,sociolect and dialect

No description

Joel Fox

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Idiolect,sociolect and dialect

My idiolect
Yorkshire dialect
The Yorkshire dialect refers to the varieties of English used in the Northern England historic county of Yorkshire. Those varieties are often referred to as Broad Yorkshire or Tyke. The dialect has roots in older languages such as Old English and Old Norse.

Ah’m bahn ter side them pots - I'm going to put away the dishes.
I say the odd few phrases from the Yorkshire dialect, but not too often
How I speak
My sociolect
My sociolect is how I talk with my friends and family. I speak quite formally with my parents, but with my friends its very informal.
Idiolect,sociolect and dialect

By Joel Fox
I talk like most modern teenagers do nowadays, like using slang and using abbreviated words like lol. Here are some examples of what I say:

Lol,Troll,ROFL,FAM,Wha happen, and many others.

My friends influence the way I speak, as we constantly, make up new things. Also things people say on TV and on Youtube can influence me.
Difference between dialect and accent
Many people get confused about the differences between dialect and accent. Accent is the way you pronounce words (eg Scottish people say words differently to use.) Dialect is the phrases we say, for example we say I'm going to put away the dishes.
But people with a strong Yorkshire dialect say Ah’m bahn ter side them pots
A bit about the Yorskhire dialect
I use a lot of slang and abbreviated words when I speak. I sometimes use the Yorkshire dialect, but I normally speak standard English
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