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Regulating Play

Digifest Innovation Days, Oct.26, 2011 @11:50am

Sara Grimes

on 26 October 2011

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Transcript of Regulating Play

Kids’ media, toys, software, etc:

Things created children adults Legal, regulatory and ethical grey areas:
authorship, ownership + accountability, copyright/fair use, minor's contracts, etc.

Challenge to existing frameworks:
production/distribution models
children as producers/authors and users of cultural content UGC Games for by Shift taking place...
but not always structural The regulatory, legal + ethical implications of
*Play Create Share* ©2011 Jamie Lee Sugarman De Facto Regulation DIY Kids' Media Dr. Sara M. Grimes sara.grimes@utoronto.ca Terms of Use ©2010 Richasackboy REGULATING PLAY Presented at Innovation Days: Oct.26, 2011 © 2010 Sulake 2008, Wired Game|Life What Now? Better, a.k.a. more balanced & up-to-date, solutions
Ethically-informed guildelines
Best practices that specifically address what to do when dealing with minors (teens, under 12-yr-olds, preschoolers)
informed/parental consent,
child author rights (& responsibilities)
cultural rights (e.g. free speech, fair use)

Many stakeholders, dispersed expertise
industry leaders (front line) - across digital media formats
policy and legal analysts
kids!! (+ parents, teachers, other co-creators)
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