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Inbound, Outbound and domestic tourism

Presentation on Travel & Tourism

Kristina Pribileva

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Inbound, Outbound and domestic tourism

Inbound, Outbound and Domestic Tourism Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Our family consists of 4 people: Mother, Father and two Daughters Daugavpils turned out to be very beautiful and interesting city. We've visited Daugavpil's fortress which is the symbol of the city, my father enjoyed rich history of it. After we went to Central Park where my sister played on a playground and I went ice-skating to the ice rink. Later we went to amazing Dubrovin Park where we had admired an eye catching fountain and watched a fantastic play of water and light. My mother loves gardening and she enjoyed the park a lot. Our biggest hobby is traveling and we try to do it as many times a year as possible Originally we come from Riga, Latvia. So hereafter it will be used as my home city and country Today I am going to tell you about three types of tourism based on my family's experience We went to Daugavpils for a weekend by a car . We booked accommodation using the internet and spent 2 nights in the 4* hotel called "Sventes Muiža" which besides rooms, contained the Military equipment museum, a sauna and a restaurant which perfectly met our needs. My mother likes going to a sauna, my father is fond of history and I love to eat. The hotel is also child friendly, it was one of the main priority because of my one and a half year-old sister. As my example of domestic tourism I've chosen beautiful city Daugavpils. Daugavpils is a city in southeasternLatvia, located on the banks of theDaugava River, from which the city gets its name. Domestic tourists are those people who are traveling within their own country for tourism purposes Domestic Tourism Concluding our trip to Daugavpils we were:
Domestic tourists
Leisure tourists
Independent tourists We went to Madeira by plane directly from Tenerife Norte los Rodeos airport. We booked a 'package' from a tour operator. It included transport, car hire and holiday accommodation. We stayed 2 weeks in a complex of villas called "Palheiro village". Going forward as my example of outbound tourism I've chosen Madeira, a beautiful Portuguese archipelago in the north Atlantic Ocean located just under 400 km north of Tenerife. Outbound tourists are those who leave their own country to visit another country Outbound Tourism Madeira is an amazing place for adventure tourists because of variety of activities offered there. We had 2 trips to levadas (an irrigation channel or aqueduct)
Hired car gave us an opportunity to observe almost all archipelago and we were very satisfied with it. My whole family loves nature and it was stunning. Beaches, mountains, rich flora, everything on one island. Activities we liked the best Me Father Mother Wicker Toboggan Sled Ride Cable Railways Levada Natural Pools Triangle Shaped Houses Photographing Nature Concluding our trip to Madeira we were:
Outbound tourists
Leisure tourists
Package holiday tourists
Adventure tourists As my example of inbound tourism I've chosen my grandfather who visited us recently. He lives in Moscow, Russia. Inbound Tourism Inbound tourists are those who visit a country which is not their country of residence for the purpose of tourism My grandfather spent 3 days in Riga. He stayed at our house, he came to Latvia for a business reasons as well, so my grandfather successfully joined work and family in one trip. Riga perfectly has met his needs. Besides his work we went to the Old Town, the restaurant of national Latvian food and spent good time at home in family circle Concluding my grandfather's trip he was:
Inbound Tourist
Leisure tourist
Business tourist
Independent tourist The End Thank you for the attention
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