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edTPA Task #3

No description

Pam Allen

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of edTPA Task #3

Student Teaching Seminar Task 3: Assessing Student Learning Analyze Student Learning Use your Assessment to Inform Instruction Grade Level Group Discussions How will you change your instruction based on the data collected from your assessments?

A. Individual Students B. Small Groups
C. Whole Group A. Identify the specific standards/objectives you assessed in your unit.
B. Provide the evaluation criteria you are using to analyze the student learning.
C. Discuss the student learning in one of your units.
D. What evidence do you have that supports this data?
E. What skills were student's successful using?
F. What area's do the student's need more practice? 1. What are you going to do differently based on tonight's discussion?

2. What have you found that is working well for you with classroom management, curriculum planning and instruction?

3. What types of differentiation have you tried in your classroom that are working? or not working? Welcome Tell me something good Activity
Units- 5 lesson plans uploaded
Week 7/8 - 3 content areas
Week 9 - Pause Week
Week 10-13 - Full Time Teaching Closing 1. Need's Assessment
2. Upcoming Assignments
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