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haleyna hoffman

No description

Stephen Spizarny

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of haleyna hoffman

Anti-German propaganda
By: Haleyna Hoffman 8A #9
- shattered empires and cost millions of lives.
- made America have less german culture.
- WWI inspired an outbreak of nativism and xenophobia that targeted german immigrants, americans of german decent and even german language.
- some americans were semi unaware of the rudeness of naturalized and native-born german americans during this time.
- those people were not placed in camps, but their rights were shelved; some were feathered, and two people were actually lynched.
- a lot of americans viewed them as enemy among us.
- In 1917 during the WW1 then constitution was temporarily taken away.
- Lots of loyalty to the flag and the English language were gone.

- many german americans in lots of states became a subject to occasionally attacks.
- some names and streets got changed from german to English.
- teaching germans were stopped in all public schools.

-the city government changed 13 german street names.
- even collages succumbed the teaching of germans.
- in places it was unlawful to speak the german language
- it was quote on quote "foolish" to speak german.
- in 1918 the governor of Iowa brought out the infamous " Babel proclamation.
- that made English the only language that is legal in the state.
- the use of other languages were permitted (not just german) was illegal there.
- all writings had to be in english
- power point from plusportals mr.spizarny
- "propaganda" Encyclopedia americana. 1995 ed.
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