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Sexual Discourse in Individualistic & Collectivistic Cultures

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Natalie Richards

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Sexual Discourse in Individualistic & Collectivistic Cultures

Group #1: Melissa, Kerli, Natalie & Natasha Sexual Discourse in Individualist & Collectivistic Cultures How have the history of prostitution, gender inequalities and contemporary political developments influenced the prevailing sexual discourse in Spain? • Prohibited in 17th century
• Health concerns led to government regulation of prostitution in 19th century “Sexual orientation, Prostitution, Gender Roles, and Sex Education in the Netherlands” Kerli Kirch Loving like a Man: The Uuman Libu Feminist Movement’s Effect on Japanese Women’s Sexuality Natalie Richards Spain is a traditionally collectivistic country, with individualistic tendencies The history of prostitution in Spain: Gender Inequality in Spain: • High rates of domestic violence
• Female restrictions Political Developments in Spain: • Prime Minister Zapatero elected
• Catholic ideals challenged
• Same-sex marriage officially recognized in 2005 SEXUAL ORIENTATION
Strong LGBT community
Low scores on anti-gay attitudes
Gay marriage legal since 2001
Government promoting social acceptance and safety of LGBTs PROSTITUTION
Prostitution legal since 2000
15,000 to 20,000 prostitutes in Holland
Red Light District
Different meanings of ‘prostitute’ GENDER ROLES
Subject to Europe’s legislation against sex discrimination = equal rights for men and women
Gender-related subjects in Dutch television
Dutch children’s positive attitudes towards non-confirmed gender roles
Changing gender is legal SEXUAL EDUCATION
Education on sex and contraception in secondary schools and the mass media
Wide availability of confidential and low-cost contraceptive services
The lowest rate of unwanted teenage pregnancies
The Dutch government finances a number of sexuality organizations HISTORICAL & CONTEMPORARY VIEWS
Tokugawa Period
Matter of Class
Commoners could engage in romantic love & illegimate children
Samurai Class: Men could play at Yoshiwara, women must be loyal and chaste
Meiji Period
Women's bodies were associated with reproduction, while men's bodies were assocated with pleasure
Good Wives, Wise Mothers Idealism Uuman Libu Movement Changes Things UUMAN LIBU FEMINIST MOVEMENT
Started in the early 1970s
Believed that sex was the source of women's oppresion and women should be able to explore their sexuality

Since 2006, 1/3 of Japanese Marriages were sexless
Growing economy and long work hours made absent husbands
According to the Japanese state, extramarital affairs among women are at an all time high
The private sector are accommadating women "loving like men" by offering host and strip clubs catering towards women
On one hand it's accepted (capitalistically) and on the other, the government is still trying to control female sexuality

Comics geared toward young women 10-18 years old. Malawi’s sexuality beliefs, how foreign influences impact them and the role of the media Natasha Terry Ulett Collectivistic culture characteristics- The rights of families, communities, and the collective supersede those of the individual Malawi Constitution S
N The Netherlands Malawi Japan
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