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Copy of Learning Styles for 6th grade

No description

Catherine Harper

on 4 October 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Learning Styles for 6th grade

What is a Learning Style?
Auditory Learners
Learn by hearing and listening
Understand and remember things they have heard
Store information by the way it sounds
Have an easier time understanding spoken instructions
Often learn by reading out loud
Strong language skills
Visual Learners
Learn by reading or seeing pictures
Understand and remember things by sight
You can picture what you are learning in your head
You like to see what you are learning
Organized and detail oriented
Tactile Learners
You learn by touching and doing
"Hands on" learner
You prefer to touch, move, build, or draw what you learn
Learn better when some type of physical movement is involved
Have difficulty sitting still
You need to be active and take frequent breaks
Tips for Auditory Learners
Sit where you can hear your teacher
Use flashcards to learn new words and read them out loud
Read stories, assignments, new material, or directions out loud when you can
Be aware that background noises can be very distracting
Study in groups
Tips for Visual Learners
Sit near the front of the class
Look at the person talking to you
Use flashcards to learn new words
Try to visualize things that you hear
Write down key words, ideas, or instructions
Draw pictures to help explain new concepts
Color code things and highlight
Avoid distractions during study time
Work better alone rather than groups
Tips for Tactile Learners
Participate in activities that involve touching, building, moving, or drawing
Use manipulatives to help you study (ex. blocks, beads, counters, etc.)
Once you learn something new, teach it to a friend
Use maps, globes, and puzzles for history and geography classes
Trace words with your finger to learn spelling
Take frequent (but not long) breaks when studying
Hold something in your hand while studying
learn best by what they hear
Did You Know...
There are many different learning styles
You learn differently than your classmates
Knowing your learning style can help you do your best in school and in your future career
A learning style is simply your preferred way of learning. It is how you like to learn and how you learn best.
Is it important to know your learning style?
How can it help you NOW, as a student?
Study Skills
Taking Notes
Will it be important to understand your learning style in the future?
Future career
16 Career Clusters
Helps you understand what environment is the best fit for you
Let's see what learning style you are!

Let's make some goals!!
What can you do to put your learning style to use?
learn best by what they see
learn best by doing
Let's Review!
16 Career Clusters
Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
A/V Technology and Communications
Architecture and Construction
Business, Management, and Administration
Education and Training
Government and Public Administration
Health Science
Hospitality and Tourism
Human Services
Information Technology
Marketing, Sales and Service
Public Safety and Security
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
Possible Careers

Speech Therapist
Event Planner
Graphic Designer
Interior Designer
Physical Therapist
Police Officer
What's Your Learning Style?

Ms. Monson
What is a goal?
By the end of the semester, I want to improve my grades from C's to B's.

A goal is something you want and are consciously trying to achieve.
S: Specific
M: Measurable
A: Attainable
R: Realistic
T: Timely

1. Click on "Students"
2, Click on "Self-Assessments"
3. Click on "What's Your Learning Style?"
4. Click on "Answer the 20 questions"
Print Your Results!
1. Click "printer friendly version"
2. Add your first and last name!
Ex. Samantha Monson (capitalize first letter of each!)
3. Click "Yes, add my name"
4. Click "Print Window"
5. Click "Print"


Strategy for an Auditory Learner:
I will sit up close in class so I can hear and will ask my teacher to clarify instructions when needed. I will also try to use flashcards to study and read them out loud.
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