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Flamenco and other Music Originated from the Arabs in Spain

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Myra Ao-Asen

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Flamenco and other Music Originated from the Arabs in Spain

Flamenco and other Music Originated from the Arabs in Spain
Videos and Music
From the years 711 to 1492, Arab Muslims called the Moors from the northern part of Africa occupied the southern part of Spain, Andalucía. Throughout this period of time, the Arabs had a great impact on the culture of Spain. The beautiful and soulful Flamenco is a popular example of the Arab's influence on Spanish music.
In Andalucía, where the Moors occupied Spain, the music of Flamenco developed during a time of cultural exchange between the Muslim kingdom and the Spanish people. Flamenco seemed to have evolved from the folk music of Northern Africa, where the Moors came from.
Flamenco Origin and Arab Influence
A map of
The elements of Flamenco can be found in the folk music of Northern Africa, such as vocal conventions and rhythm. Many of the vocals in Flamenco music sound extremely similar to its African origins, such as exclamations of "Ay-ay-ay!" Although instrumentals can be used, Flamenco can also be sung acapella. The lyrics of Flamenco usually explore themes of struggle, sadness and pain.
Some of the instruments of Flamenco have developed from inventions of the Arabs. For example, the guitar, a popular Flamenco instrument, may have been influenced from a traditional Arabic lute. Other Flamenco instruments include drums, tambourine, and even hand clapping.
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