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Women in Samurai Society

No description

Jalen Brunsoon

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Women in Samurai Society

Women in Samurai Society
Teacher card 1
12th century Samurai women enjoyed their Status. A Samurai wife could help matage the hosehold. Women sometimes fought in battle too. Tomeo Gozen fought and killed many enemies.
Teacher card 2
Tomeo Gozen wasn't the only famous women warrior. A Samurai, named Komen was famous for saving her clan banner by swimming to shore with the banner clenched between her teeth.

Though they rarely fought they were expected to be as loyal and as brave as men.
Teacher card 3
By the 17th century, women's position in society had weakend. Daughters were put into arranges marrages.

Wives were expected to bear sons, manage homes, and look after their husbands.
Teacher card 4
They were told to be up early and go to sleep late, also manage the household.
Peasent Women had some rspect because they worked along side their huspands, but in samurai families women were under men's control.
Here is a short clip about women in the 12th century
By: Sarah Brookshire
By: Jalen Brunson
By: Ethan Nolte
By: Jalen Brunson
Thanks for your attention
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