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Party Wash

No description

kojo amoo

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Party Wash

By: Kojo Amoo And Matthew Rawsthorn Party Wash PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Materials Step One: Prepare your Car Move your car to a shady area 2 Large Buckets 2 Thick sponges Car wash soap 4 towels Car Wash Glass Cleaner Hose Shady area Fill one bucket with water and soap and......... One bucket with plain water Spray water over the car to loosen dirt Music By: LMFAO
"Party rock anthem" Step 2: Wash the Car When section is complete, rinse with a hose Rinse sponge when it becomes dirty Wash the Car by section beginning at the top Soak the entire sponge in soapy water Dry the entire car with a fresh towel To minimize swirls, do not use a circular motion The finishing touches Use a squeegee to clean windows For an extra shiny look, apply wax Use chrome polish for your rims Use a tire spray product for shiny tires Helpful tips Conserve water by not leaving the house running Do not use dish soap it can strip the protective coating Don't forget to all doors and window Consider Washing an extra dirty car twice Use rubbing alcohol to remove water spots from mirrors That's all Folks
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