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Chapter 5: Ecosystems

Energy Patterns, and Disturbance

taylor burger

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 5: Ecosystems

Human Values and Ecosystem Sustainability From Ecosystems to Global Biomes Ecosystem Responses to Disturbance Trophic Levels, Food Chains, and Food Webs Trophic Categories Involvement in nutrient cycling
Values of Ecosystem Capital
Can ecosystem be restored?
The Future
Managing Ecosystems Trophic level: Feeding level

Food Chain: Transfer of energy and material through a series of organisms as each one is fed upon by the next

Food Web: interconnected complex web of feeding relationships Autotroph: Green plants (auto=self; troph=feeding)

Heterotrophs: Consumers and Decomposers (hetero=other; troph=feeding) Flow of Energy in Ecosystems Sunlight
-> Primary Production
-> Secondary Production Ecological Succession
Primary Succession
Secondary Succession
Aquatic Succession
Disturbance and Resilience
Fire and Succession
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