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My fourth grade goals to be proficent

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on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of My fourth grade goals to be proficent

I've grown as a reader in the following ways...
As a writer this summer I will...
What have you improved on more about Math this year?
What I have learned in Math this year is multiplying larger numbers really fast instead of doing it on paper. Also I have improved on is that I can divide larger numbers.
One way that I've grown as a reader is that I can read out loud alot more fluently. Another way that I've grown as a reader is by reading alot slower to understand the text better.
What standards will continue to work on...
like comment share
Write a few paragraphs as neat as I can. Also I will write lots of letters to my family in P.A. Also I want to writhe some stories with my brother and see how good of a story we can make together.
This summer I will....
Read every night for 30 minutes (unless I have sports) And I want to get a new book every month.
My book club books
*Tales of a forth grade nothing
This year my favorite read aloud was the One And Only Ivan because it was a really touching story.
The standards that I will continue to work on is multiplying 3 digit numbers and also work on dividing huge numbers.
My fourth grade goals to be proficent
By:Charlie Denlinger

My favorite part of fourth grade math class is...

*The Wide window
*Bud, Not Buddy
*Gregor the Overlander
*The Gammage Cup
My favorite book club book is....
Gregor the Overlander
because it is full of adventure.
I feel like i'm a better writer now because...
I can write alot nicer when I want to, and I can take my time more. Also am a better writer now because I can write and talk at the same time, so I don't get distracted.
My favorite part of fourth grade math class is making prezis about our state that Ms.Grant picks for us.
One study habit that I need to continue to be successful in 5th grade is.....
One study habit that I need to keep working on in 5th grade is division because for a little while in fourth grade I struggled with division
Those were my goals for this year and next year.
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