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Abby Hendrickson and Deanna Knoll.

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lib hist

on 6 September 2018

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Transcript of Abby Hendrickson and Deanna Knoll.

Abby Hendrickson , Deanna Knoll and Akshita Jain
Kyle Carpenter showed an act of sacrifice. This is because he threw himself on a grenade not caring about the fact that his life could be in danger.

He was one of TWO marines who received TWO medals of honor for SEPARATE actions ,Vera Cruz,Mexico and Haiti. With his award of the Marine Corps Brevet Medal in the Boxer Rebellion,an award considered on par with Medal Of Honor,he could technically be called the only TRIPLE
recipients of the Medal Of Honor. during world war 1 he was awarded both the army and navy distinguished Service Medals. He retired as a Major General in 1939,but failed in hid subsequent effort to be elected as a Republican to the U.S. Senate.Butler became a popular speaker in retirement and subsequently wrote a book titled 'WAR IS A RACKET'.

Bennie G. Adkins had shown great valor in war. During war he ran through enemy fire to rescue hurt soldier and retrieve air drop supplies. He saved many soldiers lives at the risk of losing his own. He fought in the Vietnam war and many soldiers were left behind after the rescue helicopters left. So Adkins led them through the forest for 48 hours until they were rescued.
[Adkins]: I like to look at the medal of honor memorial wall at this museum I go
to and i show my respects to the soldiers. Turns out someone else has the same idea.

*Carpenter appears and they both look surprised*
[Adkins]: Say, aren't you Kyle Carpenter?
[Carpenter]: Yes, sir. And you're Bennie Adkins.
[Adkins]: Why yes, I am. You know, you were very brave.
[Carpenter]: Please, sir, I was just doing my job.
[Adkins]: Son, would you like to get a coffee?
*at the coffee shop*
[Over television]: We are currently in the early stages of a war with
[Adkins]: Kid, do you know what this means?
[Carpenter]: (determined) Our country needs us.

[Adkins]: I like to say that whatever you want to do be the best you can be at it and trust me I tried

*in an abandoned building near base*
[Carpenter]: It’s hopeless. We can’t go on.
Both men were ready to give up until Carpenter saw a sparkle out of the corner of his eye.
[Carpenter]: Bennie look, over there. What is that?
[Adkins]: Maybe its the fumes getting to my head, but doesn't that kinda look like one of those there genie lamps?
[Carpenter]: No, I think you're right. Heh, you think it can grant our wishes?
[Adkins]: *chuckles*
*All of the sudden they hear Smedley Butlers voice.*
[Butler]: You are about to give up when your country needs you most? They are depending on you and the other soldiers and you want to let them down because of a little pain. Get back out there and fight for your country.
[Carpenter]: Smedley? Is that you? How are you doing this?
[Adkins]: Never mind that, son. He’s right. We can’t give up now.
With all the strength they have, they fight provide support for all the soldiers.
[Commander (over radio): You all need to evacuate! We are sending helicopters now. Be on the lookout.
[Adkins]: I will be the very last person on that helicopter.
[Carpenter]: We need to make sure everyone gets home before we worry about ourselves.

*on the helicopter*
[Butler]: You men did great. And showed courage today. Now you guys know the code of honor,

[Carpenter]: Those words from Smedley resonate with me. And to this day I think
about them when I’m about to give up. I’ll never know if we actually heard
Smedley speaking to us that night but I have a very strong feeling.
Compare and Contrast
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