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Boiling Drinks

No description

woo young lee

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Boiling Drinks

Boiling Drinks
By Gabriel Lee
Using this drink( Coke, soda, water, orange juice, Low fat milk, Pocari sweat), Which drink will boil faster?

Boiling is a vaporization of liquid. When liquid reaches its boiling point It started to boil. We can know boiling by bubble coming from bottom to top and sound.
Background information
Why is the speed different from each drink?
- The thing that make speed difference is a “ Boiling point”. Boiling point means that when liquid’s reach its Boiling point that liquid will started to boil. Every liquid have different Boiling point so the speed of the boiling will different by each liquid.

If I boil the various kinds of drink, than water will be the fastest. Because water doesn't contain anything like coke or orange juice. it is just a clean water, So I think that it will transfer heat more faster than other drink.
Independent Variable: Different kinds of drink
Dependent Variable: Speed of drink boiling up
Control Variable: Same temperature, Same amount of drink (200ml) , Same pot (Glass ceramic pot).
Materials list:
Measuring cup, Pocari Sweat, Low Fat Milk,
Orange Juice, Water, Coke, Soda, glass ceramic Pot,
Gas stove, Stop watch.

Pour one of the drinks into measuring cup until it reach to 200ml
Pour the measured drink into glass ceramic pot.
Put the plastic pot with the drink on the gas stove
Boil the drink
As soon as boiling the drink, start the stop watch to measure the time
Do same steps as other drink
Data analysis:
This is the data of the experiment. From Looking the result Coke have most fastest time when boiling up. The slowest one was a Pocari sweat which has many salts in it. Water, Low fat milk, and orange juice was an average speed of the results.

The purpose of this lab was to discover which drink boils the fastest. I used many kinds of drinks and boiled them until they showed bubbles, which is one of the effects of boiling .
I found out which drink boiled the fastest. From the fastest to the slowest this is the order: Coke, Sprite, low fat milk, water, orange juice, Pocari sweat. While I was looking at the
result I noticed that carbonated drinks like Coke, and Sprite boiled faster than the other drinks. Both Coke and Sprite boil in 2 minutes.
I reject my hypothesis. My hypothesis was that water will boil the fastest. but actually the result was that Coke did.
The data could be wrong because when I boiled Soda and Coke I wasn’t sure if the bubbles were from boiling or from the carbon in the 2 drinks. Next time when I do this experiment, I should let carbon out of the Coke and Sprite and boil to know more accurately.
The two questions I have are “ Why did carbonated drinks boil faster than the other drinks?” , and “Why did the salty drink (Pocari sweat) took longer to boil .

Thank you~
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