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Study Skills & Tutoring

No description

Spokane Community College SCC

on 26 January 2016

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Transcript of Study Skills & Tutoring

Study Skills & Tutoring
Learning Outcomes
Be able to articulate a variety of study techniques, including Cornell Note-taking, SQ3R Reading, SMART Goal Setting, and the Urgent/Important Grid.
Basic Study Tools
Activity- Make a Study Plan
Break into groups by subject area.

Science: Your student has a test in a week on plant cell structure.

Writing: Your student has a five paragraph essay on a non-fiction book of their choosing, due in a week.

Languages: Your student has a vocabulary test in a week.

Math: Your student has their first Math 99 test in a week.
Goal Setting
What do you already know about setting goals?
Be able to integrate understanding of different techniques with individual student needs.
What is the purpose of taking notes?
Reading Texts
Reading Tool: SQ3R
Read, Recite, Review

Text Breakdown:
Table of Contents
Bold Text
Practice Tests
Time Management
How important is time management for students?
How much does your environment matter when studying?
If we memorize something, did we learn it?

If we learned something, was our memory involved?
Consider what you know about goal setting, time management, space, and learning resources. How would you work with this student to design a study plan? What tools would you introduce?
The "Walk Away"
There are many different study tools. We just covered a few basics today.
Your best tool will always be your ability to ask questions and work with the student to design the best study plan for him/her.
How do you know that you are comprehending what you are reading?

What tools do you use?
What are the signs you need to use these tools?
How do you take notes?
Note-Taking Tool: RQ3R
Recite, Reflect, Review

How do you know when to introduce this tool?
What do you use to manage your time?
Time Management Tools:

Urgent/Important Grid
Personal Time Survey

How do you know when to introduce these types of tools?
Where do you like to study? Why?
Distraction Management Tools:

Internal v. External Distractions
Parking Lot
Ideal Space Story
How do you know when to implement these tools?
Goal-Setting Tools:
Assignment Action Plan
How do you know when to use this tool?
What is the difference?
Is memorization a reality of formal education?
Memorization Tools:
Repetition: Flashcards
Clustering: Grouping by 7ish
Mnemonics: EGBDF/FACE
Space: Room Map
The Illusion of Knowing
How do you know that you know something?
How do you know that your student knows what he/she needs to know?
Practice Tests
Review Monograph
What are your resources for practice tests?
Make it real to identify sticky points:

Resources available
Length appropriate
Environment appropriate
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