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Digital Access

No description

Joseph Stewart

on 26 November 2017

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Transcript of Digital Access

Digital Access
Access + Digital
The opportunity you as students have to interact with various everyday objects. Examples : Access to Water and Access to a House

Any piece of technology. Examples: Computers, Laptops, Cellphones, TV's, and the Internet
Pictures of Classrooms
Access + Digital = Digital Access
Digital Access:
The ability for someone to access the internet or a computer at home or anywhere outside of this classroom.

"Full electronic participation in society" - Ribble
Today's Activity
Turn off your computer screen
Get out a piece of paper and pencil
Write a short paragraph about your favorite animal
Pictures of Classrooms
Find 3 ways you can access the Internet at home
Example: The Starbucks right down the street from my house
Some people don't have access to the Internet or computers all over the world
Some of your fellow classmates might not have access to the Internet at home
At the school, we are fortunate to have laptops for everyone
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