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55th Cascadia Scouts

Parent Meeting Intro

Ethan Jewett

on 29 July 2015

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Transcript of 55th Cascadia Scouts

55th Cascadia Scouts
BPSA welcomes everyone,
regardless of race, gender,
sexual orientation, or religion
Outdoor skills and craft
What is Scouting?
BPSA Program Sections
An idea
whose time
has come
BPSA Mission:
To provide a positive learning environment within the context of democratic participation and social justice and to foster the development of scouts in an environment of mutual respect and cooperation.
World Federation of Independent Scouts
82 affiliated Scout Organizations
41 countries
200,000 members
3562 Scout Groups
"The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others."
"An individual step in character training is to put responsibility on the individual."
"Be Prepared... the meaning of the motto is that a scout must prepare her/himself by previous thinking out and practicing how to act on any accident or emergency so that he/she
is never taken by surprise."
“By the term ‘scouting’ is meant the work
and attributes of backwoodsmen,
explorers and frontiersmen”.
Robert Baden-Powell
System of progressive self-education
A uniform, promise and law
Patrol system (small groups & youth led)
Learn by doing
A BPSA Scout Group contains one (or more) of each program section operating together as a cohesive organization.
Scout Group Organization
(ages 5-7)
Raft / Dens
Motto: "Busy and Bright"

Introduction to out-of-doors
Stimulate interest in scout activities
Social integration & cooperation,
(ages 8-11)
Pack / Sixes
Motto: "Do Your Best"

Based on "Wolf Cub Handbook"
and "Jungle Book"
(ages 12-17)
Troop / Patrols
Motto: "Be Prepared"

Patrol Method
Youth Led
Learn by doing & progressive training
(ages 18+)
Crew and Patrols
Motto: "Service"

Organized around a service goal
55th will adopt the
"Outlander" Promise.

BPSA Scouts learn the original full phrase Law, not just 10 single words
BPSA provides a
Code of Ethics and Youth Protection Guidelines
(required for ALL volunteers)BPSA follows two-deep leadership and uses the Safe Swim Defense in water activities.
BPSA requires that all volunteer leaders attend and pass a
Brownsea Training Course
within their 1st year.
BPSA requires that all Scout Groups submit
background checks
on ALL adult leaders registered with the group.
BPSA recommends obtaining group insurance or using the
Liability Waiver/Medical Release
form for each member.
Important Points
The Scout Group is unified by a singular Neckerchief worn by all Scouts in all groups. The 55th Cascadia Scouts will have a Neckerchief that is Blue, White and Green. These are the colors of the Cascadia bioregion flag.
55th Cascadia Scouts
Become an adult leader!
Otter Leader, Timberwolfmaster, Scoutmaster, Den leader, etc.
Become a special instructor on a proficiency badge or a particular skill
Become an auxiliary member
Help raise funds, build website, secure bank and insurance, gather materials, etc.
How You Can Help
Proficiency badges

show a scout's "current" skill level.
Re-testing is important to keep current, and maintain patch.

Proficiency badges are not ranks -
i.e. Patrol Leader, Troop Leader, Quartermaster

General Proficiency Badges:
Second Class
First Class

There are approx.
50 Special Proficiency badges
for scouts to earn within two categories: Scoutcraft and Public Service.
Progressive Training
in Scoutcraft
Follow the 55th Cascadia Scouts on Facebook

Or on Twitter

Learn more about Baden-Powell Scouting
A co-ed, traditional, outdoor
scouting program
–Portland Oregon–
Founder of Scouting
Learn More
Sheet bend
Clove Hitch
Reef Knot
Knot Terms:
* Standing End
* Running End
* Loop
* Bight

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