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Greg Perry

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of Transition

Some conversations
"hey wat do i do for a skwl bag is a leather brown handbag anough its pretty big plx answer thankyou"
Morgan- Year 6

"It doesn't matter what siza bag really, well you will need a bit of a big one for the first few weeks but then you can change to a smaller one so you don't have to carry it round with you everywhere, it can be rather tiring carrying round a big bag with you all day lol-"
Megan- Year 7
"There are lots of questions about bullying and will i get my head flushed down the toilet well these are all lies and bullies are people who are jelous so dont listen to them if you ever get bullied at brigshaw then speek to your form tutors or go and see your head of year."
Heidi- Year 8
"Hi megan s is there loads of cliks in high school like people who like sports and girly girls and tom boys and girls that gossip all the time?"

Jessica- Year 6
"Heey erm well you tend to find you hang around with either your form group or old primary school friends and it doesn't make any difference waht you are like or like doing you still hang with them. You will have at least one or more of your friends from primary schoool with you so it really isn't that bad
hope that helped lol."

Megan- Year 7
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