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NCHC 2013: Christian Brothers University September of Service: 30 Days of Good Deeds

No description

Johnny Blount

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of NCHC 2013: Christian Brothers University September of Service: 30 Days of Good Deeds

University Initiative, Honors Led
Leadership Team:
2012: 11 Honors Students & CBU Honors Director
2013: 9 Honors Students, CBU Honors Director, & 2 Alumni
University Wide Participation:
Students, Faculty, Staff, Administration, Trustees, Brothers, Alumni, and Family & Friends
(That's our President)
30 Days of Good Deeds
September 1-30 (30 days)
Additional days: kick-off and finale
Different organization every day
Memphis Focused Work
Desire to broaden CBU's presence in Memphis
Desire to broaden understanding and love of Memphis in CBU community
Local non-profits emphasized over national (though still local) organizations
There are 1000s of non-profits in Memphis, TN! Picking 30 is not easy!
Daily Needs
Public Relations Leader
Service Leader
Release Forms
Service supplies: gloves, water, bug spray, sunscreen, etc.
Daily Procedure
Introductions (name, year, major, fun fact)
Signing forms
Service (including pics and "Why I Serve")
Organization Contact
Leaders begin meeting in summer
Organizations selected by leaders
Contacted before start of school year
Confirmed ASAP
First contact through provided e-mail template
Each team leader assigned 3-4 organizations
2013 (change from 2012)

30 Agencies
1,725 Hours Worked (+59%)
527 Volunteer Headcount (+24%)
291 Volunteers (+15%)
230 Undergraduates (+19%)
105 Freshmen
72 Sophomores
27 Juniors
26 Seniors
13 Staff (-46%)
19 Faculty (-13%)
6 Relatives and Friends (-25%)
4 Brothers (-20%)
1 Graduate Students (-50%)
12 Alumni (+1100%)
1 President (+100%)
1 Trustee (+/- 0%)
Bringing the Fun
Kick-off Event
Finale Event
Each event served is an entry for prize at Finale
Nice prizes from community businesses and restaurants
"Why I Serve Signs"
Positive team leaders
Why SOS? and why at CBU?
Lasallian - faith, service, and community
It's the CBU thing to do!
We <3 Memphis
What was the impact?
CBU saw the amazing things Memphis has to offer
Memphis was reminded just how awesome CBU is
Brought the different parts of the CBU family together
Most notable university wide initiative
3,300 provided meals {Mid-South Food Bank}
100s of PB&Js for St. Mary's Soup Kitchen
50 meals served with Friends for Life
14 baby blankets made for mothers of premature babies
Mural painted at De La Salle at Blessed Sacrament
8,500 pounds of trash and recyclables collected at McKellar Lake
$2,000 raised for Birth Right
Provided volunteers for 4 charity fundraisers
Overhauled the overgrown convent for the Poor Clares
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