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senior project

my career and goals to accomplish

cebrena coon

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of senior project

I chose to be a C N A because I like to give back to all the elderly people that give so much through out there lives of our generation may be more fulfilling. My career of being a C N A will impact the nation because there will be more help for the elderly people. CEBRENA
SENIOR PROJECT I will be working at a hospital or nursing home.
Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) or Home Health Assistant (HHA) is the Direct Care Giver to many. The wages are LOW and the Care In Nursing Facilities is floundering. We are CNA's and we are speaking out about QUALITY CARE. Find out more about "Who we ARE". Quality care will exist if we let our voices be heard !!!
Quality care, is NOT giving your residents .45 minutes of care a day (24 hours) but giving them at least 2.9 hours a day 24 hours) of our care. Some Nursing homes are making CNA's work 12-15 residents skilled care per one CNA. Get out your calculators. One CNA cannot provide good Quality Care with this ratio Experts recommend minimum nurse staffing standards for U.S. nursing homes
I am not in it for the money for the fulfilling of helping others. ( minimum wage)
I would like to work at a doctors office and work with everyone to make the sick be healthy before it becomes worse.
My career choice is a C N A because I love to work with everyone and help them be very healthy.
Becoming a C N A helps my life goal which will help me take better care of my daughter by knowing that I will have financial stability. What is your Career Choice as of now?
How will your Career impact the nation?
Why have you chosen that career?
Who has influenced you to go into this field?
Where will you work?
How much will you make?
How does your career play into your life goals?

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