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Southern Region Volunteer Forum-Georgia Promotion

Promotion for Southern Region 4-H Volunteer Forum

Jenny Jordan

on 15 November 2011

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Transcript of Southern Region Volunteer Forum-Georgia Promotion

Southern Region 4-H Volunteer Forum Sept 30- oct 1, 2010 Rock Eagle 4-H Center 13 states, 2 territories Georgia is the host state How Can I help? Join a committee for the 2010 Forum Hospitality
Speakers & Entertainment
State Showcase
Facilitation & Event Coordination
Special Events Recruit Volunteers to attend Work with Fundraising Submit a workshop proposal Why should my volunteers and I attend? Hear the Georgia Gardener, Walter reeves
select from more than 75 workshop offerings
showcase the best 4-H program in the nation...ours
enjoy Clovers & company
serve on a state committee to plan a regional conference
sit lakeside for the Legend of Rock Eagle
Laugh with the president of Clover coffee company, Bo Ryles
meet and learn from more than 500 volunteers & staff in the region Participate in 4-H service project
for military families collect dvd's & popcorn
prepare movie packs
deliver to installations or
bring to Forum i4-H: There's an app for that
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