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Job Costing

No description

Julie Billingsley

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Job Costing

Job Costing
Job Costing Spreadsheet
Job costs include all expenses directly or indirectly related to the jobs we produce.
Direct costs include labor, material, and any postage and/or freight related expenses.
All other costs are considered indirect.

Time is comprehensively tracked according to Cost Center (Production, Training & Consumer Support, Personal Care and Administration.)
Cost Center Expenses
Percentages from "Time" divide up Staff & Employee Wages, Benefits and Depreciation expenses from P&L between the cost centers
Monthly Invoice Breakdown
Using the "Total Supplies" and "Postage & Freight" columns from this spreadsheet, all material and customer related postage and freight costs will be manually assigned to the "Workshop Supplies" (COGS) and "Customer Postage & Freight" lines. It will be totaled at the bottom, giving us an idea of what each job actually costs for that month.
Reference Sheet
All expenses will be listed on the references sheet as well. It shows the rationale for how each is divided between the cost centers.
FY14 Staff-Employee Hours Spreadsheet
Job totals report from access
Floor Supervisors
Telephone and telecommunications Expenses
Staff and hourly employees turn in a handwritten daily timesheet which divides the time worked per Cost Center as well as time per job within the Production Cost Center.
Here, each timesheet is entered manually for each cost center and job. Each month this data is tallied for use in the overhead worksheet "Time."
Each employee's piece count and time for a given job is tracked by floor supervisors for entry into Access.
Access translates the data from the floor for a totals report. It totals each employee's hours worked per job. This information is used in the overhead worksheet "Time."
Expenses that require a requisition are entered into Quickbooks according to our chart of accounts.
At the end of the month, the FY14 Staff-Employee spreadsheet is sorted by name, cost center and job # and the total hours are entered here.
This sheet will then calculate the percentage of time spent in each Cost Center. It will also calculate the percentage of time spent in each job within the Production cost center.
Any costs determined to be truly general would follow the same percentage division as wages, as they are our primary expense. We do not currently have these.
The totals from the Production cost center column on the Cost Center Expenses spreadsheet carries over to populate the job numbers row here. All jobs for the month will be listed with the data entered in column format.
Using the total percentage of time spent on each job from Time, all direct and indirect costs are assigned to each job except workshop supplies (materials) and customer related postage and freight.
Inventory Control Process

Customer Postage & Freight
Final Percentages per Cost Center and Job
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