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No description

Joshua Lyne

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Treatment

Target Audience
In order to get accurate pricing for my film i decided to look at some rates.

Production schedule
90 Minutes
First we meet Elizabeth who is a flight attendant for British Airways she is madly in love with a captain called James. Elizabeth and her best friend Allison have known each other since they were at school they often catch up whenever they have the chance. They love their jobs and Allison enjoys Elizabeth’s company. She has always told Elizabeth that James is her knight in shining armor but Elizabeth took no notice, because she knew he already had a girlfriend; but for how much longer?

She often goes over to her Mum and Dads whilst there they lecture her about how her education is being wasted by being a flight attendant and how she will never be able to settle down.

After returning home one day there was a commotion in the crew room, A British Airways jet had landed short of the runway at Heathrow. It was the Jet that Allison was on.

The reporter continued to find that 6 people out of the 148 on the jet did not make it 2 were crew and 4 were passengers. Two weeks later Allison’s funeral had arrived

Soon after that the memory of Allison was still there fresh in her mind. She hated the fact she was gone, she missed one of her greatest friends and wished she could have her back.

One year later…. To this day Elizabeth still remembers Allison and her parents don’t go on about her job choice as they realise she is protecting people whether they know it or not. But she has one major thing to thank Allison for, bringing her and James together. She had planned her wedding day for the 1st of June and still wrote an invitation to Allison leaving it by her grave stone never forgetting what happened then credits would appear.

Throughout the creation of my idea I had looked at key features of british films such as...
And so i then thought how could I make this more original and how I could give my film a better USP?

Born: 28th November 1987 (age 26)
Karen Gillian plays Elizabeth a flight attendant for British Airways, Elizabeth's unique selling point is the fact she is a modern woman who like most wants to settle down with someone eventually, whilst in the process of trying to prove her family wrong.
Born: 4th March 1988 (age 26)
Joshua Bowman will be playing James in the High Life he is a Captain for BA and a love interest for Elizabeth. James' USP is the good looking captain that every girl wants with a smile that could melt the hearts of most. But he is in a vulnerable position with his existing girlfriend.
Born: 24th November 1983 (age 30)
Karine Vanasse will be playing Allison. Her Unique selling point is the fact that she us the girl next door type of person who cares for everyone around her and she's a very well rounded character.
Born: 22nd January 1993 (age 21)
Tommy Knight will be playing Alex one of Elizabeth's friends and head purser for British Airways. Alex is a well-rounded individual and is friends with many people at BA, Elizabeth trusts him with all of her secrets and always tries to help when someone is in a sticky situation.

I decided to apply for funding with the British Film Institute as they support small, independent British films.

Overall i am likely to be funded 10% of my overall budget which is £6 Million.
I then applied for funding with British Airways as i had to ask for permission in order to use the logo and some of their resources e.g the uniform.

I asked if they too would fund at least 10% of my overall budget as they would benefit from the synergy between my film and the British Airways brand.
Sample Script
Well don’t worry about it I’m sure things will go ok for you, sometimes we just hit turbulence within our lives that we may not expect. Anyway you should come to mine this Sunday I’ve invited Allison as well I was going to do a roast what do you say?
There’s no well to it your coming and that’s final you need to escape and relax.
Ok then what time shall we say?
How does ten past four sound to you?
Perfect, I will see you there then, I’m looking forward to it.
YES! Finally it’s happening I can’t wait to have him round although I’m definitely going to have to make sure I cook absolutely perfectly on the night, I hope James is ok he seems very upset tonight maybe I can talk to him.


Well I spoke to James all night at the bar, I found out he had been having problems with his girlfriend and they split up which as horrible as it is for him, I now have a chance! Well after talking a little more with him he seemed a lot happier but I think the alcohol had also taken affect. I just hope he’s ok, anyway I must get ready as I’m visiting my parents.

13/1 - Opening scene filming
14/1 - British Airways crew room scene and traveling to work.
15/1 - Scrap book filming and we meet Justin Elizabeth's friend
16/1 - Meet Elizabeth's Parents
17 & 18/1 - Argument between Elizabeth and her parents
19 through to 21/1 - Dinner scene with Elizabeth's friends
23/1 - James stay's at Elizabeth's
24 through to 27/1 - Returns from Malta and there is a commotion in the crew room
28/1 - Plane crash, Elizabeth and James are in the crew room
29 through 31/1 - Allisons funeral
3 through to 5/2 - Elizabeth's speech to people at Allisons wake
6 through to the 9/2 - Liz and James go back to the flat and chat/ next morning
10 & 11/2 - 1 year later Elizabeths relationship with her parents has improved.
12/2 - James proposes and they begin wedding panning whilst also moving in together.
13/2 - wedding planning is in full speed both still work for British Airways.
14/2 - Elizabeth places an invite and a bunch of roses onto Allison's grave and the credits roll with scenes of the wedding.
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