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Chapter 3: Mexican Texas

Beginnings of Anglo Colonization of Texas

Richard Kern

on 31 January 2017

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Transcript of Chapter 3: Mexican Texas

Chapter 3
Mexican Texas

In 1821 Moses Austin pave the way for Anglo American Colonization of Texas.
At the time Texas was part of Spanish Mexico.
Moses Austin was a successful businessman but, lost his fortune in the Depression of 1819.
Austin traveled 800 miles to meet with Governor Antonio Martinez.
Austin wanted a contract to bring 300 families to Texas.
Austin's good friend Baron de Bastrop helped him get the contract.
Back home in Missouri Moses Austin received word his contract was approved.
However, 10 June 1821 Moses Austin died.
Stephen F. Austin
Stephen F. Austin is known as the Father of Texas
Austin went to San Antonio to talk to Governor Martinez.
Austin chose the area between the Colorado and Brazos Rivers in Texas for his colony.
Austin wanted only hard working, dependable people in his colony.
Austin's Advertisement stated he didn't want "no drunkard, no gambler, no profane swearer, no idler."
Each man would get 640 acres of land
320 acres for his wife
160 acres for each child
80 acres for each slave
Land in Texas was 12.5 cents an acre!
Colonist would have to become Spanish Citizens
They also had to become Catholic.
In 1821 Austin loaded the ship Lively with colonists and supplies for his colony
In 1822 the Lively was wrecked near Galveston Island with much needed colonists and supplies.
The New Mexican Government did not recognize Austin's claim to his colony.
Austin traveled to Mexico City and in 1824 he received his contract from the Mexican government.
He was allowed 300 families.
Austin was given the title of Empresario.
The Old Three Hundred

The original 300 families that colonized Texas
They received the best land
In July 1824 San Felipe de Austin was established as the capital of Austin's colony.
Austin's House
Most people in Spain did not want to move into the New World.
Spain had problems controlling the land in the New World.
So Spain opened the program to people from the United States.
Moses Austin goes to Mexico City to get a empresario grant.
Mexico wins their Independence from Spain Sept. 16 1821.
SFA has to become a citizen of Mexico.
His grant is called the Austin grant.
Houses built in Tejas were called a dog-run
Mexico passes Colonization laws of 1824

3) only those who intended to live permanently in Texas could receive land contracts.
1) no one could receive more than 48,708 acres of land.

2) no colony could be established within 30 miles of the coast nor within 60 miles of an international boundary without permission of the Mexican government.
before we go on...what does Mexican Texas look like?
Modern Day Texas
Coahuila y Texas 1821

The land grant requirements
Mexico had only 3500 settlers living in the whole of Tejas in 1821.
San Antonio
La Bahia (Goliad)
Twenty-three other empresarios brought settlers to the state mostly from the US with others coming from Mexico and Europe.
Stephen F Austin was, by far, the most successful empresario to colonize Texas.
All colonists were expected to learn Spanish.
All colonists were expected to become naturalized Mexican citizens.
Requirements for the colonists.
They were also supposed to follow the state religion, Catholicism.
David Burnett
300 families
Sold his grant
Hayden Edwards
Green DeWitt
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