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Erica Navarro

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Hatchet

15-19 CHAPTERS In HATCHET chapter 15-19, Brian is haunted with his dreams of meat in which that the next morning when he wakes up he is determined to have his first meat. Brian goes about one mile away from camp to hunt a "fool bird." He uses his spear to hunt it down and kill it. Because of his success in killing the "fool bird" the first time, he tries to again and successes. While cleaning the bird on the lake, a moose rapidly charges against Brian and he gets very injured due to the strength of the moose. Due to the tornado, everything Brian had was destroyed meaning, Brain had to start from zero. While Brian goes out to look for wood, he thinks of the survival pack and all the treasures that can be in it. However before he goes and looks for the pack he thinks "First food, Then thought, Then action," and that's exactly what he did. Brian first goes hunts some fish to get energy. Then, Brian thinks of a plan of how to reach the plane to be able to reach the packet. Brian decides to make a raft, because of his determination he reaches the plane and searches around the perimeter of the plane. However while his search he comes upon the pilot half eaten by the fish. After he finds the survival pack then struggles on his way back to shore. Brian opens the survival pack to find many useful items, including a sleeping bag, a cook set, matches, lighters, a knife, a compass, a first-aid kit, a fishing kit and was surprised to find a survivor rifle. He then comes across an emergency transmitter and, tries to turn it on but fails, Brian comes to the conclusion that it had been broken during the crash. The survival pack also contained several freeze-dried food packets, he determines to take care of them, after he feasts on a meal. He begins to prepare this feast when he hears a plane engine above him. The plane flies low and lands on the lake. The pilot gets out and tells Brian that he had heard the transmitter signal. Then the pilot ask Brian if he was the boy the searchers were looking for. Then, Brian simply says, "My name is Brian Robeson.” “Would you like something to eat?" QUOTES 1.INCESSANT-
uninterrupted in time and long continuing

undamaged in any way

treat or prepare so as to put in a FINE condition

normal or soundness of mind

the first light of day

a piece of hard material with two principal faces meeting in a sharply acute angle.

a building for the lodging

prevent the progress for accomplishment

wearing torn clothing

unthinking; prompted by instinct VOCABULARY SUMMARY BEST PICK My favorite part of HATCHET chapters 15-19 is in chapter 19. When the pilot arrives to the spot where Brian has his shelter. Then, Brian doesn't know what is going on and simply says, "My name is Brian Robeson.” “Would you like something to eat?"

I chose this as my best pick because I think its a humorous part of chapters 15-19. I think its humorous because Brian isn't really paying attention to the pilot but to his food. Another part I think is funny from this event, is that when Brian is finally gonna have the materials to actually survive he gets rescued. GALLERY W HATCHET By- Gary Paulsen Created By- Erica Navarro A K L This is the fish that Brian catches and makes his first feast in the wilderness. These are the gut cherries which Brian found and had as his first food, out in the Canadian Wilderness. This is the plane in which Brian and the pilot were on, until it crashed into the lake. Brian comes upon this bear in which instead of run away in fear. He stands there frozen. This is the campfire in which Brian cooks his meals. This is the "fool bird" that Brian catches and considers his first meat in the wilderness. THE END. This is the moose that attacked Brian. This is the skunk who ate the eggs Brian hid in the sand, and sprayed Brian on his face. This is the first actual meal that Brian had in the wilderness, which contains orange juice, beef and potato dinner, and for desert peach whip. This is the survival pack that Brian got from the plane. , 11.SURGE-
rise or move forward

a substance that destroys micro-organisms that carry disease without harming body tissues

unaware of

greatly annoyed

to come out, or to appear

to send a signal from destination

to disagree, not totally

unexpectedly sudden

inactive but capable of activating

size-able, large "It was a strange feeling, holding the rifle. It somehow removed him from everything around him . . . he was not sure he liked the change very much.” (Pg.186)

Brian observes how close he has come to the wilderness, he once feared. "So much of this was patience - waiting and thinking and doing things right.” (Pg.145)

These words reflect Brian’s understanding that life does not go right without patience and time.
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