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CAP 105 Lesson 4: Email

Covers basic rules and techniques for effectively using email in professional environments as well as email marketing.

Derek DeVries

on 16 May 2017

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Transcript of CAP 105 Lesson 4: Email

Lesson 4: Email
Basic Etiquette
Sending Mass Emails
If sending to a large group, protect the privacy of your contacts.
Put YOUR email address in the "To" field.
Put the other email addresses in the BCC field.
= The email list will be hidden to everyone but you.
Group Email
Use Email Groups Sparingly
Do not "Reply All" Unless its Relevant to Everyone
Remember That EVERY Email You Send Could Accidentally or Purposefully be Sent to Anyone Else
Keep Them Simple
Keep them Professional (No Quotes)
Embedded Images = Potential Spam Flag
Subject Lines Matter
Be Descriptive
Be Brief
One Topic Per Message
Never Email Angry
Wait Some More
Write a Copy in Word and Save it to Review Later Before Sending
Email Lacks Most Nonverbal Channels
Bad for Tense / Emotional Exchanges (call or visit in person instead)
Email and Old People
Old People Prefer Old Tech (Like Phones)
Humor Them
Email + Emotion = Bad Time
Email Marketing
Common Services
Constant Contact
Campaign Monitor
Vertical Response
List Management
CRM Integration
Rich Email Editor / Templates
List Mgt
About Email Analytics
20% Response Rate is Average
Open Rate May be Under-Stated (Based on Image Downloads)
Email Now
of US Adults use Email Daily
# of Years Email has Existed
(Invented in 1965 at MIT)
in 2002 that number was
Find a marketing email you've received (check your spam filter)
Analyze it
Get into small groups and compare:
What are the common elements?
Are any of them more effective than others? - Why?
of Businesses Say Email is a Core
Part of Their Marketing Strategy
Email is [Still] Effective
Stats via SmartInsights: http://bit.ly/2c0E8yU
of companies see email as a core part of their marketing efforts
of adults would opt in to promotional emails from companies they do business with
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